June 30, 2016

June 2016 (+ Flights of Fantasy June Linky)

June was incredibly busy for the first two weeks or so, but the latter half of the month was so relaxed! You'll get more details on that below, so I won't really chat about that. Instead, I'll mention the most important thing about this month: it's officially the start of summer! As I've said many times and in various ways, I love summer. It's my absolute favorite time of year, and I thrive in the sunshine and relaxed vibe I always have during this season!

I was surprised to find myself really busy at the start of the month! I tried cooking a new dish (chicken fajita pasta), traveled up to Connecticut to hang out with my fellow Queens Kelly & Alyssa, painted coasters with Rachel, did my first ever panel at Barnes & Noble Tribeca with Dana, Nicole and Sophia & Brittany, hosted my little sister's best friends in our apartment for a weekend and attended the New York City launch party for My Lady Jane. Other notable things? We spent a week catsitting our favorite cat nephew Hatchie, I got to try the pink drink from Starbucks and ice cream from Ice & Vice and I went on my first beach trip of the year with my BFFs Pat & Danica. All in all, it's been quite the lovely month!

June was a very interesting reading month! It is actually the first month all year where I read more books for fun versus books I'm reading for review (which can also be for fun, but are still review books). When I look back at my ratings for the month, they're actually pretty great - which means I really do know how to pick books I'll enjoy! I managed to read a total of 18 books, as well as 7 graphic novels/comics/manga. Here are my favorites!


Hello fellow fantasy readers! How are you doing for this challenge? Since I've already hit my goal, I feel a little more relaxed when it comes to reading fantasy. I read two new fantasy novels this month - And I Darken and Of Fire and Stars. I was pleasantly surprised by the former, and sadly disappointed by the latter. I also reread Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which was fabulous. But there's still plenty of time to read more fantasies this year, so here's to hoping I read really good ones in the months to come! What did you read in June?


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