October 2, 2015

Burrito Bowl Tag

I've been eyeing this tag for a while, but I generally wait until I actually get tagged by someone before posting the tag on my own blog. So, I'm obviously excited that Hannah tagged me to do the Burrito Bowl Tag! This tag was created by Cristina of Girl in the Pages and Joey from Thoughts and Afterthoughts. The rules are as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you to make your own burrito bowl, linking back to their site.
2. Answer the tag questions.
3. Tag 5 others to create their own bowl!
4. Food coma.


Little House series book covers
RICE | THE FOUNDATION – The book that got you into reading
When I was a baby, my mom and dad read me a lot of Dr. Seuss. Those books, along with the Berenstein Bears picture books, made up majority of my early childhood. But the series that was foundational for me was Little House. I read all of those novels over and over again, obsessed with every little detail of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s life.

BEANS | THE FILLER - The book with a whole lot of nothing
I personally didn't love Positively Beautiful. While there was certainly a decent amount of potential when it came to the elements of this tale, it just didn't quite work for me as much as I'd have liked it to. There just didn't feel like there was enough cohesiveness to it. (But I'm aware other people felt differently about it!)

PROTEIN | THE BUILDING BLOCK - A book quote to live by
I adore this quote from The Start of Me and You, because this captures exactly what it means to really have true friendship with someone. It reminds me that I must be patient and kind in moments of turmoil and difficulty, if I would expect the same of others.

The Start of Me and You book quote

FAJITAS | THE CRUNCH OF TEXTURE - A book with immaculate world-building
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone book coverCan we please discuss how fascinating the world of Harry Potter is? J.K. Rowling has seriously managed to create a universe populated with places, characters, culture and history that combine reality and imagination. I’ve been in love with this world since I first discovered it in the sixth grade, and I always enjoy visiting it – through the novels, films or parks.

SALSA | THE DANCE OF FLAVOR - A book that kept you on your toes
I was never sure what I’d encounter in Dangerous Girls. I certainly felt like I was being put through the wringer, with emotions and suspicions getting stronger with every single chapter. By the end of the novel, I nearly through it at a wall – it was that riveting.

Crown of Midnight book cover
CORN | THE EXPLOSION OF SWEETNESS - A memorable scene with friendship/romance
I read a lot of books that feature strong friendships and romances! I think one of my all-time favorite romantic scenes is from Crown of Midnight, and it happens nearly in the middle. It happens to be Chaol Westfall’s birthday and something really special happens. So special that it consistently manages to make me swoon every single time.

CHEESE | THE BOND OF CALCIUM - Two characters from different books you wish could be friends
I think it’d be cool for Hector (Fire and Thorns trilogy) and Chaol (Throne of Glass series) to meet in real life. I’m pretty sure it’d start as a competitive relationship, where they happen to be adversaries. But mutual respect for each other’s skills and positions, and for the girls they are both in love with, would probably give them something to talk about.

Love and Other Foreign Words book cover
SOUR CREAM | THE TANGY TOPPER - The quirkiest character you've ever read (protagonist or supporting)
I was torn between two characters for this one, but in the end, Josie (Love and Other Foreign Words) had to be my choice. She's definitely not your typical teen girl narrator, as she has her own way of seeing the world and identifying what's in it. I particularly loved reading about how she deals with the knowledge that her beloved sister is getting married, as it results in a few misunderstandings and some rather entertaining antics.

GUACAMOLE | THE COST OF CREAMINESS - A book you paid too much for
I can (happily) blame Hannah for being the person who convinced me to buy my first ever Folio Society book - Hans Andersen's Fairytales. Granted, I got it secondhand, which made it considerably more affordable than a brand new copy. But it was still a lot more than I've ever spent on a book before, so I'm going to go with that for my answer.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone book cover
LETTUCE | THE HANDFUL OF CRISPNESS - A refreshing concept/theme in a book
It's not something that's all that new, really, but I've been enjoying the amount of foreign locales that have been cropping up in the books I've read! From the mountains of Spain to the coast of Italy, the wilds of Central America to the mysterious locales in New Zealand, I feel like I've been going on new adventures with many reads over the last couple of years - and I love it!

CHIPS | LE PIECE DE RESISTANCE - A must-read rec, if you like
Six of Crows book coverThere are so many books that I’d happily recommend to readers. But I will always and forever recommend Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to readers, just because it was one of those magical gateway books that forever changed my own life. If you’re interested in other recommendations, you can check out my All Stars page.

TABASCO | THE KICK TO THE FACE - Your favorite action sequence
Hands down, I loved watching the big heist go down in Six of Crows. There's a lot of elements to the master plan, and it's interesting to see how it actually goes down - mishaps and opportunities, surprises good and bad. Leigh Bardugo really had a handle on her storytelling as she narrates the exciting, nerve-wracking, wildly entertaining experience for her readers!

I'm so happy I finally got a chance to share my answers for this awesome tag. (It's also made my craving for a Chipotle burrito bowl grow even stronger. I may have to remedy that within the day.) Anyway, for this particular tag, I'm going to ask these lovely people to do it:
Rachel from Hello, Chelly
Betty from Book Rock Betty


  1. I wasn't tagged, but I'm a rebel so I'm going to do this one. It looks like so much fun.

    The Harry Potter universe is hands down one of the best and will always be the best world.
    Chaol's birthday <3 but also Nehemia/Celaena scenes are the best.
    Hector and Chaol are more than welcome.

  2. Yess, so agree with your picks for Corn and Sour Cream! Love that scene during Chaol's birthday *melts into puddle* and I super adore Josie's quirk and voice! Awesome post, Alexa!

  3. This is a lot of a fun tag but you've made me crave Chipotle badly and WE HAVE NO CHIPOTLE IN SPAIN! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!


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