October 9, 2015

Return to Green Gables: Visiting Prince Edward Island

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers", as Anne Shirley once said. And this October, more than any other, my heart is gladder than glad to be bringing you Return to Green Gables! Rachel of Hello Chelly, Hannah of So Obsessed With & I have been scheming about this event for ages, and it's such a thrill to finally be able to share it with all of you. Be sure to make the rounds on all three of our blogs for the rest of the week in order to see all our posts, each and every single one inspired by or tribute to the classic Anne of Green Gables.

Earlier this year, the girls and I entertained the notion of going to visit Prince Edward Island together. As devoted fans of the series, there was an undeniably strong pull to visit the place where it's set, and I'm certain that one day, someday all of us will have set foot on that seemingly magical island in these novels. While our visit remains a mere dream, I thought it'd be fun to share five things to consider when planning a trip to Prince Edward Island!

Green Gables Heritage Place | At this particular spot, you can pay homage to the brilliant, beloved Anne by visiting the rooms of Green Gables. Within its four walls, visitors are treated to the combination of imagery from the novels and real life experiences from L.M. Montgomery's life. It would be a fabulous place to visit, and I can already sense myself fangirling over all the Anne-related things I'll see here!

Avonlea Village This small village professes to be authentic to what it might have been like in Anne's day. There are eclectic shops, interesting entertainments, historical sites and, also, great places to grab some refreshment in the form of food and drink. I believe I'd feel transported should I ever get the chance to come here in person.

Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace Without L.M. Montgomery, we would not have an "Anne" to love. This site marks the house where she was born, and it is filled with personal memorabilia from the writer's life. 

Lucy Maud Montgomery's Cavendish Home This is the home where Montgomery lived with her grandparents. She actually wrote Anne of Green Gables here, among many other works. While the buildings no longer exist, the fields and lanes and gardens are still there.

Anne of Green Gables Store | No Green Gables fan will be able to resist the lure of all things "Anne", and that's precisely what this store has to offer! They have all sorts of souvenirs and memorabilia on offer, from books to dolls to much, much more. This would certainly make the perfect pit stop on the last day of a visit, in order to stock up on things to bring home.

And come back tomorrow for some non-fiction reading recommendations.


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