June 7, 2014

Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Saga - Brian K. Vaughan + Fiona Staples
Saga, Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
Series: Saga #1
Publisher: Image Comics
Publication Date: October 23, 2012
Source/Format: Bought || Graphic novel

When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe. (from Goodreads)

I don't think I've ever reviewed a graphic novel quite like Saga before! I don't read very many of them right now, if I'm being honest. But Saga got my attention after Chachic first mentioned it, raving about the story and eager to get her hands on the next volume. So when I spotted it at McNally Jackson, picking it up was a no-brainer!

Saga is unexpectedly absorbing. It's about two soldiers from opposite sides of an intergalactic war, sworn enemies basically, who have fallen in love. In fact, their love has actually born fruit in the form of their child, who arrives in the world right at the beginning of this story. I'm not quite sure why my allegiance to this little family is so strong. It may be because of the hope that they seem to represent for a peaceful future in their world, or because I'm a sucker for the "two people from different worlds falling in love" storyline. But whatever it is, I was rooting for them to successfully find refuge somewhere together without anyone being harmed along the way.

The most appealing quality to Saga is the fact that, in spite of all the unusual elements that populate it (the elements that are unique to this world and these characters), there's still something familiar about the story. The star-crossed lovers? A child who could change everything? War all around for territory and power? Yep, these are elements that we've seen used in various stories in many different ways. 

As a graphic novel, Saga has striking illustrations. It's no surprise that I tore through it quickly and was totally bummed when I finished because I didn't have the second novel on hand! Obviously, I'd recommend this one, if you can't tell by now. If you like any of the elements I mentioned, or even just want to give graphic novels a try, Saga is a good bet (even though it's definitely for an audience that's a bit more mature!).


  1. Yay, I'm glad you gave Saga a try! I don't usually read graphic novels but I gave Saga a try after two friends (one blogging buddy and one IRL friend) highly recommended it. I bought the first two volumes and went through them in one weekend. I have volume three but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. This and Trese (Filipino urban fantasy) are the only graphic novels that I follow.

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  3. The buzz about Saga came out of no where and suddenly I'm seeing this book everywhere! I ordered a copy but decided to leave it home last minute instead of taking it to read on the plane because I figured I would be hooked and therefore sad I didn't have vol. 2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I can't wait until I get home so I can explore this graphic novel!


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