March 31, 2014

The Monday Mix (27)

The Monday Mix basically gives me the opportunity to share with all of you the links I loved online from weeks past. This includes everything from great reviews, articles about writing, inspiring posts and perhaps other things too. I've always valued the opportunity to share the great things I've read or seen, and this is my way to share the love with all the bloggers, authors + pubs out there!

It's been a busy two weeks in my world, friends! I attended one of the events for the New York Teen Author Festival, the Reader's Theatre, which is one of my favorites. The authors included this year were Marie Rutkoski, Julie Murphy, Lauren Myracle, Sarah Mlynowski, Jon Skovron, Matt de la Pena and Brendan Kiely, with David Levithan moderating. That night was so fun, with great performances, much-needed quality time with Estelle & Rachel, and seeing Ksenia and Elena.

I have also gotten very into working out! I used to do it begrudgingly, I'll admit. But something has shifted in me over the last week and I'm having so much fun with it! I feel myself getting a bit stronger each day, which is pretty great. Guess I've got to thank Jamie for introducing me to Blogilates, and my sister Mel for encouraging me and signing us up for three classes at this crazy JumpDance thing!

This weekend, the roomies + I ventured over to Smorgasburg for some yummy eats and a little browsing through the stalls. It was pretty fun, especially for our tummies! But the rest of the day was filled with gloominess and dreariness as the rain started to pour. Thank goodness for warm blankets and books, yes?




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I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did! Now it's YOUR turn - are there any posts (on your blog or other blogs) from last week that I missed out on? Please feel free to share links in the comments and I'll try to check them out.


  1. I love these! Even though I have to make sure that I set out a solid chunk of time to read everything you link to! :)

  2. These posts always make me so happy, Alexa! I love getting a little extra to read from you...and all the AMAZING links! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. It was so great to see you, Alexa!! I'm actually kind of jealous of your new passion for working out because I WANT THAT TOO. I would totally go to a JumpDance class.

  4. Thanks so much for including my post!!! I'm glad it had a positive impact! :D Liza


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