January 12, 2013

Book Blogger Love-a-Thon 2013

I am so, so, so excited to announce that I will be co-hosting this year's Book Blogger Love-a-Thon with my awesome friend and forever awkward twin Katelyn (from Kate's Tales of Books and Bands)! It was really a lot of fun to be a part of this event last year, especially because I got to spread the love around the book blogging community alongside many other bloggers who joined in.

This year, the Book Blogger Love-a-Thon is back and better than ever! While we certainly will be keeping the spirit and most of the event from last year, there will definitely be a few changes and new things to mix it up. It's going to be bigger, better and even more fun than ever!

So, just to give you a rundown of some very important facts, check out this introduction post and feel free to sign up using the form at the end!


is this event all about? The Book Blogger Love-a-Thon is an entire day dedicated to spreading the love among blogs in the book blogging community. Throughout the day, you'll spend time leaving comments on blog posts, discovering new blogs to love,  tweeting and posting about old favorites to share your thanks and promoting some of the awesome blogs that you follow! There will also be other things happening - interview swaps, mini-challenges and maybe a giveaway or two or three! We're still working on finalizing all the details, but once we have a set schedule, we'll send it out to everyone who's signed up!


is hosting? This year, the Book Blogger Love-a-Thon is being hosted by Katelyn (Kate's Tales of Books & Bands) and Alexa (Alexa Loves Books, which is obviously me!).

can participate? Authors, bloggers and even publishers are welcome to sign up to participate in various capacities. The only thing we ask is that you have a blog or a similar medium where you can post your responses to the mini-challenges!


is this happening? The Book Blogger Love-a-Thon will begin at 12:00AM EST on February 23, 2013 and end at 12:00AM EST on Feburary 24, 2013. (Please keep in mind that though it is a 24-hour event and we would love if you were around for its entirety, we also understand that real life/sleep may prevent you from doing so and that's okay!)

do I sign up for the event? Participants can join the event up until the actual day it happens! However, the sooner you sign up for it, the better. Not only does it allow us to get a better idea of how many people will be joining us, but it also allows you to receive the schedule in advance, and to be a part of the interview swap!


do I sign up? Signing up is easy! All you need to do is complete the form at the end of this post, and then grab the event button to add to your post or blog sidebar. Sharing about the event isn't a requirement, but we would appreciate it

can I help? It would be wonderful if you shared about the event, and should you decide to do so, please link back to this post or use the official Twitter hashtag (#LoveAThon).  Also, if you're interested in donating to the giveaways or hosting one for the event, please let us know by emailing Katelyn (katelynsblog@aol.com) or Alexa (alexalovesbooks@gmail.com) by February 6!

I'm sincerely excited for this event, and I hope you are too! Please fill out the form below if you're interested in joining us. For additional questions or comments, you can contact Katelyn (katelynsblog@aol.com) or Alexa (alexalovesbooks@gmail.com). 


  1. This sounds like a fabulous and fun idea! Thanks for hosting! :)

  2. This sounds like a great idea! I'm going to be at a conference that day, but I'm still going to try to participate as much as possible (thank goodness for smart phones!)

  3. Oops, I do have a question after all! Are there other versions of the event button? The one in this post is too big for my sidebar...

  4. Definitely want to participate! Even if this happens to fall on my birthday :) Wheee!

    I think I remember this from last year... I was just late to the bandwagon. Not gonna be late this year!

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

    1. Well, I think that's even MORE awesome because we get to celebrate your birthday! ;)

  5. What a great idea- thanks for hosting!
    I'm looking forward to finding some amazing new blogs to follow

  6. What a great idea! I totally want in on it :-) Thanks for hosting this.

  7. Very cool idea, looking forward to it!

  8. I am so excited to participate! I love finding new blogs to love! :] Thanks for hosting!

  9. This sounds like a ton of fun, thanks for hosting!

  10. Very excited about this!! I'm super new to blogging and can't wait to find out about other blogs!! Great idea!

  11. I was sure I signed up and commented already, but apparently not :P I LOVE THIS IDEA. It's such a wonderful thing to spread love on other blogs! There is of course the time difference issue, but oh well, I'll still be able to do it for the most part :)

  12. This is a fantastic idea! Thank you for hosting.

  13. Great idea. wish i had seen this sooner but glad to have found you. I am becoming more active in book blogging and love commenting on other blogs. Have a great day spreading the love. I am working on the Book Monsters monster reviewathon today. when will the next love-a-thon be? I would love to sign up!

  14. This is a great idea but I do hope that you'd host it for longer than 24 hours, this would be so much fun! So disappointed I missed it :(

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