February 1, 2012

Music & Madness • Shattered

Shattered book cover
Shattered by Kathi Baron
Publisher: Westside Books
Publication Date: September 1, 2009
Source/Format: Ashley (Thanks!) || Hardcover

Teen violin prodigy Cassie has been tiptoeing around her father, whose moods have become increasingly explosive. After he destroys her beloved and valuable violin, Cassie, shocked, runs away, eventually seeking refuge in a homeless shelter. She later learns that her father, a former violinist, was physically beaten as a child by her grandfather, a painful secret he's kept hidden from his family, and the cause of his violent outbursts. With all of their lives shattered in some way, Cassie's family must struggle to repair their broken relationships.

It’s difficult for me to decide how I feel about Shattered, but because I was able to finish it, I’d have to say that I was at least interested in the story.

Cassie – is it possible to want to hug someone and slap them silly at the same time? I admired her drive, dedication and passion for the violin. I thought she was fairly smart, though she did do a few stupid things when her emotions were running high.

Shattered examines many of the relationships in Cassie’s life, with the focus on her relationship with her father. The conflict and all the succeeding emotions were presented well, though I thought the explanation wasn’t discussed as much as I’d have liked.

Shattered is an interesting novel, especially if you like examining familial relationships and figuring them out. The novel was sad, but I appreciate the fact that it made me think.


  1. Lovely review. I haven't read much on this book but it doesn't seem like my usual type of read I'd have to read more about it to decide.

  2. It's actually not my usual sort of read either, but I did find it pretty quick to read. It's an interesting story :)


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