February 7, 2012

A Touch Awesome Blog Tour: Week Three

One of the tours I'm most pleased about participating in this month is the A Touch Awesome blog tour, hosted by Cate and Katelyn. This is a promotional blog tour filled with posts about A Touch Mortal, an amazing novel by Leah Clifford - and which I can't believe I only read last week! This week is about highlighting our favorite characters from A Touch Mortal.

Top 5 Characters

1. Gabe - Gabe is my FAVORITE character in this entire novel. He's an amazing friend (as I've mentioned in my review that came out earlier today), and I think his dedication and love for the people he does care about is amazing. His patience, his good humor, his fortitude - I could seriously go on and on. But yes, Gabe is definitely my #1 character from this book!

2. Eden - Though I was annoyed with her some of the time for her detachment and pushing herself too hard, I thought she was an admirable character. She tried to make the best out of the situation she got stuck in, protect the people she loved and has a stubborn personality and strong set of values.

3. Az - It's hard not to find Az swoon-worthy. He's half-good, half-bad and that just makes for one explosive combination. The feelings he has for Eden are what make him even more likable for me. And I felt for him as he struggled to maintain the balance between good and bad.

4. Adam & Jarrod - I honestly can't separate the two because they were incredible friends and companions for Eden. I liked how they valued Eden and tried to be as helpful to her as they possibly could be, including helping her with her ability.

5. Kristen - She's an interesting personality, and that's why I liked her character. I thought it was kind of twisted but definitely unique that she liked going "shopping", plus I can appreciate the fact that she tries to stay on the good side. She's also helpful to Eden, but she's got a snarky personality.

If you've read A Touch Mortal, who are your five favorite characters?


  1. I loved your picks for many reason but mostly because it shows we are twins again! Gabe and Eden were my top 2 and I may have also done a cheat one with Jarrod. This books was so full of awesome characters, both good and evil!


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