February 18, 2012

A Touch Awesome Blog Tour: Week Five

One of the tours I'm most pleased about participating in this month is the A Touch Awesome blog tour, hosted by Cate and Katelyn. This is a promotional blog tour filled with posts about A Touch Mortal, an amazing novel by Leah Clifford - and which I can't believe I only read last month! This week is about highlighting our favorite moments from A Touch Mortal.

Top 5 Moments

1. Kristen and Eden meet in a graveyard to have a fun discussion and to do some "shopping".

2. Eden and Az (and Gabe too) meet for the first time. Az pretty much makes an idiot of himself, Gabe's quite amused and I'm pretty sure Eden had no idea what to think.

3. Eden wakes up in the morning and finds Adam by her side.

4. Gabe goes to visit Kristen and asks a favor. His words and presence help soothe her.

5. I won't reveal what happens at this part, but I love the confrontation between Luke and Eden at the very end, if only because that moment was incredibly shocking!


  1. Great minds think alike, Alexa. I love your picks too. Especially the Kristen/Gabe scene. Oh sweet mercy, I love those two. Gabe's just...*sigh* so Gabey! He's the best.

    Thank you for participating! I'm so glad you've enjoyed it.

  2. Gabe is AWESOME. I'm just sorry I wasn't able to post all 5 weeks! I guess 3/5 isn't too bad :)


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