September 29, 2011

Happily Ever Afters For Two • To Catch a Prince

To Catch a Prince book cover
To Catch a Prince by Gillian McKnight
(features To Catch a Prince & The Frog Prince)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: March 22, 2011
Source/Format: Bought || Paperback

Stepsisters and best friends Helene Masterson and Alexis Worth could not be more different. One is preppy, one is punky; it's a wonder they get along at all. But they do agree on something: how much they love royalty. When they get the chance to travel to exotic locations like London and Paris, where actual princes live, they know this is their only shot to become royalty themselves. Too bad other, non-prince boys keep popping up and trying to ruin everything. Will Helene and Alexis give up their tiara-wearing dreams for their new (ridiculously cute) reality? Or is it really possible to catch that prince?

To Catch a Prince was just as light, fluffy and pleasant a read as I expected it to be - and sometimes, that's the kind of book I really enjoy. Though it was quite an easy read (I finished it in under four hours), I thought that Gillian McKnight did a lovely job enticing me into reading about these two best friends/stepsisters and their adventures over the span of two summers.

What drew me into the story was not the plot (although that was pretty fun, especially considering the amazing locales of London and Paris that the girls get to visit and the cool internships they both get to have). It wasn't the romance aspect either (although I'm definitely leaning towards the French men).

No, what really drew me in were the two main characters themselves - Helene Masterson and Alexis Worth.

Helene is depicted as being outrageously funky and eclectic, her own uniqueness constantly shining through no matter how she hides it. I loved her artistic & literary knowledge, and I have the feeling the two of us would be thick as thieves when it came to reading books and exploring foreign cities. She's also quite outgoing, the social butterfly and throughout the book, I found her to be engaging.

Alexis, on the other, despite some similarities, is self-contained, poised and almost regal. She's the classic beauty of the two, and I can see her dressed in the most put-together, stylish, preppy looking clothes in my mind. Though initially, I would have written her off as a spoiled rich brat, I found myself warming towards her when I noted her love of fashion, her secret romantic side and her determination to accomplish her goals.

Their relationship is really what I loved about To Catch a Prince - they're best friends and stepsisters, how cool is that? And though To Catch a Prince covers some very interesting bumps in the road when it comes to their friendship (most of which involve a certain prince and family issues), I loved how they truly cared for one another in the way that only the truest and best of friends can. Just reading their conversations, silly plans and escapades made me smile because I could imagine getting into similar scrapes with my own friends, who I consider just as much my family as my actual family.

Final verdict: To Catch a Prince is a light, charming read. I'd consider it perfect for a quick commute or a trip to the beach.


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