September 4, 2011

Go-Getter Girl • Kiss It

Kiss It book cover
Kiss It by Erin Downing
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: June 15, 2010
Source/Format: Bought || Paperback

Chastity Bryan has never been shy about going after what she wants. And when sexy, mysterious, so-not-from-this-town Sebastian walks into Chaz’s life, she knows in an instant that what she wants next is him. Chaz has no intention of playing for keeps—but she most definitely has intentions. Who needs true love when you’ve got true lust? Sebastian has no idea what he’s in for—but maybe neither does Chaz…. 

Kiss It was definitely not what I was expecting it to be - and I believe that to be a good thing.  Instead of just being your normal YA romance fluff, I thought that the author did a brilliant job making the story realistic and relatable, all while tackling some major issues.

One of the main reasons I enjoyed reading Kiss It was because of the main character, Chaz.  I thought she was wickedly funny, incredibly sarcastic, pretty darn smart and just amusing overall. Her strong personality is showcased throughout the entire book and I enjoyed getting to know her.  She's the type of girl I always aspired to be back when I was still in school - and living vicariously through her adventures in this novel is just as fun.

I like observing Chaz' relationships with everyone - her best friend Sadie, Sebastian and her parents.  There were interesting aspects to each, that I could thoroughly relate to.  The way Downing portrays each is brilliantly woven into the storyline - she really doesn't just tell us, she shows us instead.

Though Kiss It was summarized about being about sex, I believe that it's more than just that. It really digs deep into the whole relationship thing.  We see various scenarios being enacted out (quite realistically, I might add) and the responses to them.  I think it was an interesting take on sex and all that comes with it when you're still a teen. All in all, it was well worth the read.


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