September 13, 2011

Stand Your Ground • Stealing Heaven

Stealing Heaven book cover
Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott
Publisher: Harper Teen
Publication Date: June 23, 2009
Source/Format: Bought || Paperback

Dani has been trained as a thief by the best there is—her mother. They never stay in one place long enough for Dani to have real connections, real friends—a real life. But in the town of Heaven, everything changes. Suddenly, Dani must question where her loyalties lie: with the life she's always known—or the one she's always wanted..

Stealing Heaven is a novel that invited me to reflect on some interesting questions. What would you do if you knew that someone you loved was engaging in criminal activity? What would you do if you were raised as a thief and that's the only reality you know? Would you still be conscious of the wrongness of your actions or would you accept it as part of your reality?

The story is entirely compelling in its heartfelt and realistic portrayal of the struggle Danielle goes through as she attempts to figure out her course of action for the rest of her life. Though she's been brought up a thief by her mother and that's all she really knows, Scott delicately shows us how Dani longs for more - for a stability to her life, for real friendships and relationships, for things that she can truly call her own. It was heartbreaking and a little distressing for me to watch Dani try to figure out what to do because I could empathize with her so much. She really wanted to protect her mother and be obedient, but she also craved a change in lifestyle.

Everything changes when they move to the town of Heaven. Dani's mom is thrilled with the new opportunities for thievery that the town offer; Dani, on the other hand, finds herself slowly but surely gaining the things she craves - a regular routine, a possible friendship and even a sweet, flirty friendship/relationship with a guy (who just so happens to be a cop). It is here that Danielle's struggle finally hits its breaking point - and though everything seems dashed to pieces at first, we actually see how things turn into an incredible breakthrough as Dani's choice is made.

I loved Dani. I also loved Greg, her love interest. But most of all, I just loved how Elizabeth Scott brought a story that was so raw and real to life with such delicacy and intelligence. I thoroughly enjoyed Stealing Heaven and will definitely be reading more of Elizabeth Scott.


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