October 27, 2020

Guild Hunters Ball: Favorites


It's day two of the Guild Hunters Ball, which is part of an October blog series that Rachel and I host whenever we binge read a paranormal book series together. We decided to read the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh this year (and it's phenomenal)! We each shared our overall feelings on the series yesterday, and today, we're going to dive into our favorites. I've kept my answers non-spoilery, so no need to worry on that account!

Favorite book? This is the question that I struggled with the most, because the series consists of one incredible story after another after another. I ultimately decided I had to pick Archangel's War. We get to see many of the characters we've come to love together. There's plenty of action and a satisfying addition to the plot that's been brewing since the very first book. And, personally, this is the story I had the most visceral emotional response to with all of its ups and downs and in betweens. It was absolutely brilliant and a high note in the series for sure!

Favorite quote? "You make the idea of forever a journey into adventure rather than a thing to be endured.” Archangel's Viper

Favorite heroine? There are so many incredible women in this series. But my heart just wouldn't allow me to choose anyone other than Elena Deveraux. She's a badass Guild Hunter, trained in the art of fighting, subterfuge and tracking down rogue vamps. She has a fiery temper and puts on a tough front, but hidden underneath that is a passionate nature, a good heart and a vulnerable spirit. I love her for all of who she is (just like Raphael), and would happily be her friend and be by her side in any conflict.

Favorite hero? There are also so many wonderful men in the series. It took me a while to narrow it down, but I ultimately decided on Jason (who is the hero in Archangel's Shadow). Jason is the spymaster of Raphael's Seven, with an extensive network of spies and an ability of his own to really see the truth of things. He's also an extremely powerful warrior in his own right! It's really captivating to watch his emotional growth, as well as delightful to keep discovering new things about him.

Favorite member of the Seven? Illium had my heart from the moment he first appeared (just like he has the hearts of everyone in this series, let's be real). It's not just his physical appearance that drew me in though his vibrant blue wings, dark hair and golden eyes definitely don't hurt. It's also his personality, which shifts from mischievous and playful to a proper gentleman to heartbroken and vulnerable to a powerful warrior. There are many facets to who he is, and I love discovering more with each book.

Favorite member of the Guild? Ransom Winterwolf was my immediate favorite member of the Guild, though I have grown a massive soft spot for a rather large number of them as the series progressed. He's one of the best Hunters the Guild has to offer, and he comes across as having both a dangerous skillset and an easygoing, mischievous side. While we don't get a lot of him in the books, what we do get happens to be delightful and I always look forward to seeing him (and his interactions with Elena).

Favorite secondary character? I had to narrow down my choices for this one because, as I mentioned yesterday, Nalini Singh has created a great cast of characters. But in the end, I wanted to put the spotlight on Jessamy. She's a teacher, scholar and a historian, and she's beloved by many of the people she works with and lives among. I admire her wisdom, gentleness and the fact that she has risen above her struggle and heartaches and forged her life into the amazing one it is by making her own way.

Favorite besties? I really appreciate that there are plenty of friendships highlighted in the series, but I have always loved the friendship between Sara & Elena. It's fairly obvious from the start that both of these smart, capable women are incredibly loyal to one another. It's born out of years fighting together, of being there for each other through the good and the bad, and I always get so emotional just thinking about the fact that they consider each other family. (This hits especially hard because I have a chosen family of friends in my life too, and I'd like to think my relationships with them are quite similar.)

Favorite bromance? There are some truly great bromances in this book, but Illium & Aodhan's friendship is my favorite. The pair have known each other since they were young angels, and can still occasionally be found playing games together even as adults. The love and loyalty between them runs so deep, and they are often greatly affected by the traumas the other has experienced or is currently going through. No matter what happens, it's undeniable that there is a symbiotic relationship that exists between them. I always find myself either on the verge of a laughing fit or brought dangerously close to tears whenever there is a particularly tender moment between them. I'm looking forward to seeing their friendship flourish as the series continues.

Favorite couple? I love so many couples in this series with my whole heart! But the answer to this question is, without a doubt, the couple who started it all: Elena & Raphael. It's been so rewarding to watch their romance blossom, particularly since they butt heads so much at the start (and every now and then, they still do as the series goes on). I particularly love witnessing the growth of their relationship as they overcome the many obstacles that get thrown in their path. It's also really wonderful to see two individuals who actively work to understand each other and accept each other as they are. I just love their relationship so much, and it makes me happy that we return to it again and again in later books.

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