Graphic Novel Review: The Mythology Class

The Mythology Class basically feels like Percy Jackson, except for the fact that it's clearly targeted towards an adult audience and it integrates elements of Filipino culture and lore. The story centers around a group of individuals who are all drawn by the hand of fate to be a part of a mysterious mythology class hosted on a Filipino college campus. It turns out that they're the chosen ones meant to rid the Philippines of enkantos in this timeline, as these supernatural creatures are causing havoc in the real world. But is that all they're meant to do or is there a greater evil afoot?

Macky really loves this graphic novel, and that got me really excited to pick it up and experience the story for myself. And I'm so glad that I finally did because it was really fun! While the formula is a familiar one (Macky's favorite, the "me and my friends save the world" plot), Arre's execution in this story was well-done. He managed to incorporate Filipino lore and culture perfectly, and matched it with great pacing and solid character work (especially considering he managed to create an ensemble cast where there are also individual plots in the background). 

However, there are a few things worth pointing out. The art style wasn't necessarily my cup of tea, but it eventually grew on me. The text can get a bit heavy and dense, but it does help in clarifying details and fleshing out the story. Lastly, there are comments and events that don't age well, including stuff about body weight, body image, race, and actions that could be taken as abusive.

Still, when it comes down to it, I enjoyed The Mythology Class. It's a compelling tale of adventure, set against the backdrop of a few familiar places and written about characters that I ended up rooting for by the end. I'm so glad to have finally read it, and I look forward to reading the sequel The Children of Bathala (which came out last year)!

Pub Info: 2005 by Adarna House | Add it on Goodreads


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