February 14, 2020

January 2020

Never too late for a monthly recap, am I right? This recap is coming to you late for two reasons: 1) my littlest sister has returned indefinitely to the Philippines and I was spending as much time with her as possible (more on that momentarily!) and 2) I just recovered from being very, very sick.

Anyway, when it comes to January, I feel both like the days flew by and that the month lasted forever, and I’m sure many of you can relate. Looking back though, there were so many wonderful memories I made with a lot of people I love, and I can’t be anything but grateful for them! (Also, I just realized, a bit belatedly, that I never did end up doing an official wrap-up for December 2019, though I did do a holiday recap that covers most of what happened).

  • Because I was spending a lot of time with Rachel, we did a lot together including dropping by dessert spots (like Stick with Me Sweets and Supermoon Bakehouse), getting our caffeine fixes, visiting the Guggenheim, getting brunch (at Sisters NYC and CafĂ© D’Alsace), seeing Moulin Rouge! The Musical and just hanging out together (whether it’s journaling, running, chatting, recording podcasts, enjoying a snow day – basically, anything at all).
  • Our friend Jean came to stay with us for a week! We had fun hanging out with her, including visits to Black Tap Burger, Soft Swerve and Marie’s Crisis, to name a few highlights.
  • I also got to hang out with so many of my friends this month! We had game night at the apartment with the NY fam (and Telestrations made us laugh all night long). I went to Grace Street with Rachel, had lunch with Kristin, Madalyn, Jane, Chelsea & Alexa at PongSri, got Melt Shop for a casual meeting of the Paranormal Book Club and picked up the Kinokuniya visits with Rachel and Kristin again too.
  • Don’t worry – I had some bookish fun too! The first book event I attended this year was for Emery Lord’s The Map from Here to There, and that event she did with Amy Spalding was so fun. I also wound up going down to Philadelphia for the day to visit ALA Midwinter, where I got to hang out with friends, snag a couple of exciting books and meet debut author Janella Angeles! I also had an excellent reading month, both with great backlist choices and reading two of my most anticipated 2020 releases (and really enjoying them!). 

I read 10 books last December and 14 books (including 1 reread) in January. I adored my reread of The Secret Garden, especially because I used the Minalima edition for it. My favorite contemporary reads were Loveboat, Taipei, Tweet Cute and Headliners. I have two books by Marie Lu on my list that I really enjoyed - her Legend series ender Rebel and her upcoming release The Kingdom of Back. And to top off an already fantastic list, I have three fantasy series starters: Call Down the Hawk, Tempests & Slaughter and House of Earth and Blood.

If you missed anything on the blog, here's a list of all the posts that went up last month!

Did you know that Macky & I have started doing a podcast together where we not only talk about reading and books, but all of the other things we love (like movies and music and anime and games)? We're pretty pleased with how FandomBuzzz has been going, and we hope you're enjoying it too or that you'll give it a listen. Here's a list of all our January episodes below! (You can find us on a variety of places, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.)


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