February 17, 2020

Galentine's Day 2020

This is year two of my Galentine's Day out tradition with Rachel & Kristin! We had a lot of fun last year, but this year felt extra special to me for two reasons. First, we celebrated together just after I recovered from being quite sick the week before. And second, we capped off the day with a viewing party for P.S. I Still Love You, which had just dropped on Netflix earlier in the week!

We were blessed with beautiful (but cold) weather when we met up for brunch on Saturday morning. We'd been dying to eat at While We Were Young for ages and thanks to Rachel's uncanny intuition and quick fingers, we'd finally snagged our long-desired reservation. I'm so glad we were finally able to eat there (and I definitely think we'll be going back in the future)! The initial draw for this restaurant is the beautiful interior, with the great mix of color, texture and metal accents. We'd seen so many pictures of the place before, and it was just as charming (if a little bit cramped) in person! Happily, the service was great, the food was delicious (I wish I'd been hungrier so I could have finished all of my food! I had the Eggs Benedict, Rachel had their French toast, Kristin had an omelette and we shared truffle fries) and the cocktails were A+ too (I had a While We Were Young, Rachel had If You're a Bird, I'm a Bird and Kristin had a One Night Stand). (I will say the coffee was not my favorite though...)

We dropped by the Milk Bar flagship store in search of a cake for our viewing party. I'd never been to this particular branch, but it's within walking distance of my office so I'm definitely going back regularly! It's got a sizable seating area, a quick order counter, two separate make your own stations (one for cookies and one for cakes), and a store area. We ended up building our own cake (a strawberry and Funfetti creation of dreams), before we headed on over to Kristin's apartment.

Kristin had already decorated for the party, and her apartment was just as inviting and adorable as it always is! We settled in to watch the film, and I really enjoyed it. I loved the aesthetic and soundtrack of P.S. I Still Love You a whole lot, pretty much just as much as I adored it in the first story. I think the cast is incredible in their roles, and I loved seeing this depiction of Lara Jean experiencing what happens after her happily ever after and figuring out a lot more about herself and her life and her relationships (which has always been my favorite thing about this series in general). I'm so glad I was able to share this viewing experience with two of my best friends, and I can't wait for our viewing party for the third one!


  1. <3 <3 <3 We really need to go back to While We Were Young in the Spring / Summer!

  2. That sounds like it was so fun! And that cake sounds delicious :]

    - Heather | Nerdy By Nature Blog

  3. Sounds like you gals had an awesome day! Thanks for the wonderful recap!


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