December 3, 2019

What I Loved: May-October 2019

In case you missed it, I recently did a massive personal life recap where I detailed everything I’ve been up to from May 2019 through to October 2019. I also did a similarly massive post talking about my favorite reads during the same period. Because both posts were already lengthy, I decided to do this separate post to recap my favorite acquisitions and experiences from the past six months.

  • Fruits Basket I’ve already mentioned this show before, but it deserves to be included for the sheer fact that I am truly enjoy this updated anime. The animation style is lovely, the story is playing out in a compelling and well-planned way and even though we have to wait a bit for the new season, it’ll be worth it to see it continue past the point where the original anime ended. 
  • Hufflepuff merchandise – I bought entirely too many different articles of clothing recently that represent my Hogwarts house (like this and this), but I can’t say I regret it! I’m always into wearing fandom clothing in my every day life, and now I’ve basically got a full-on Hufflepuff wardrobe with all my newest acquisitions. 
  • Jordandene – Prior to this year, I somehow only owned one item from Jordan’s shop. I remedied that immediately, encouraged by all her brand spanking new designs and the fact that I’m obsessed with the fit and quality of her pieces. My current favorite from her is my cropped sweatshirt inspired by Hocus Pocus, and I have a couple more pieces on the way too.
  • Snow White with the Red Hair -  I watched this anime because of Rachel & Kristin originally (my initial thoughts are included in this post!), and I finally watched a good chunk more of it (though I still haven't finished the second season). It's such a compelling story about a feisty heroine determined to make her own path, the friends (some in high places) that she makes along the way and the trials and triumphs of her time in a new kingdom, complete with romance, friendship and political intrigue.
  • Joules raincoat (similar style) – I’ve always wanted to own an actual raincoat, and I’ve had my eye on this one since Kristin told me about hers. I bought my bright pink raincoat just before we left for Ireland and I’m so happy I did! It’s substantial coverage (including the hood, which stays on my head unlike many other jackets I’ve tried), it’s a very cute design and it was on sale. 
  • Lover – This album is tied with Fearless for my favorite Taylor Swift album of all time because I love it that much. I think it’s a great new era for Taylor musically and personally, and I have spent entirely too much time sorting the songs into Hogwarts houses (a future post!) and picking out my favorite lyrics (a future post!) and coming up with book recs that pair well with each track (a future post!). 
  • Madewell transport tote (small) – My sisters gifted me with the mini version of the tote I love from Madewell and I adore it! It’s the perfect size for a day out, but even more ideal during travel (as proven by how useful it was during our trip to Australia). 
  • Moulin Rouge the Musical – I went to see this show with DJ and Rachel when it first opened, and it was spectacular! I love the way it was brought to life on stage and while the story isn’t my favorite, I definitely think it’s worth seeing for the spectacle and the music. 
  • Rising of the Shield Hero – This is an anime Macky and I randomly started this year and it’s so excellent! While I haven’t actually finished the first season yet (oops!), I can definitely tell you that I’ve enjoyed every single episode until where I’m currently at. It’s like Dungeons and Dragons crossed with Sword Art Online, and I am here for it. 
  • Society 6 travel mug (here's mine, but this design is cute and so is this one) – I am obsessed with the quality of my Society 6 travel mug because it’s a great size and it keeps my drink warm and it doesn’t spill easily either. The design I picked is also a very apt one to represent my personality and interests. 
  • Vans – I finally bought my first pair of Vans slip-ons (a black iridescent check slip-on), and my only regret is not doing it sooner. It was a lifesaver for me during our long trip to Australia, comfortable enough to walk around in but also easy to remove and slip on when venturing through airport security. 
  • Stitch plush toy (see what it looks like here) - I finally caved on our latest anniversary trip to Walt Disney World and purchased a huge Stitch plush. Stitch is one of my favorite Disney characters, and I'm always eyeing his merchandise. Now my big plush sits on our bed and I absolutely adore it!

If you've missed out on anything on my blog or our channel, this section is for you! You'll find links to everything that went up in the last couple of months.

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  1. I love so many of the things you've purchased and watched these past months! I'm so glad you're also a Joules raincoat lover now and omg Shield Hero is the best ever! I'm so glad Andrew and I watched that anime! You must finish Snow White With the Red Hair!!And yesss to all the Harry Potter and Jordandene!


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