December 13, 2019

November 2019

November was an incredibly busy month! My parents were in town, so we were out and about doing all sorts of activities together (including a trip down to Orlando for an extended weekend). The highlights of my month included:
  • New York with the family (including trips to Central Park, Brooklyn, the High Line)
  • Drinks & Dungeons and Dragons at Pat and Ian's former apartment
  • Orlando with the family (including visits to Epcot, Universal Studios and outlet shopping)
  • #InstagramEmpty event for the National Book Awards at the New York Public Library
  • Visiting the Bryant Park Holiday Shops with Kristin & Rachel
  • Thanksgiving with family friends

I read 14 books in November, though three of the books were rereads (and all three are still books I'd highly recommend checking out, namely Nevernight, The Wicked King and The Name of the Wind)! My favorites (outside of the rereads) were:
  • The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson - The third and final book in the first Mistborn trilogy! This is the book where all the details from the first two books really come together. It's also one of the best series enders I've read recently.
  • The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch - I had a hunch that I would enjoy this, solely based on the fact that it's about a found family (the Gentlemen Bastards) who pull cons together. And I was right! It's a fun series starter, and I immediately got on with main character Locke.
  • Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff - I finally had the chance to read this sequel! I knew nothing about it going into the story, but the main plot set-up is actually one of my favorite kinds to read about. It definitely sucked me in right from the start (and I totally understand what everyone means now when they talk about the ending).
  • Exile, Everblaze, Neverseen & Lodestar by Shannon Messenger - There was no way these four titles wouldn't make it onto this list, considering I binged them all in just under a week! I really liked the first book in the series, but as it continues, I just get more impressed with Messenger's talent for storytelling, her world and her characters. Can't wait to read the rest!

I've decided to incorporate my favorites section into my monthly posts now, just because it feels like it would be a little bit more efficient. We went shopping a lot during the month of November (mostly because we were at the outlets in Orlando and because there were some excellent sales), and I acquired a number of things I loved. There is one thing on this list that is not a purchase, but it will likely surprise no one to see it included.
  • Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 3 - Macky has told me on more than one occasion how much he loves his own Nike VaporMax shoes. While we were outlet shopping in Orlando, we stumbled across this really cute pair and I finally gave in and bought them. They are, in fact, very comfortable (I wore them all day walking at Epcot) and I love the color!
  • Kate Spade convertible quilted bag - I went to see this at the outlet twice, and finally ended up snagging it because I just couldn't walk away without it. It's the perfect size to carry my essentials, but it also has the bonus of being able to fit my Kindle in there too! I also really like the convertible strap that lets you wear it in two ways.
  • Walt Disney World hoodie - When we were at Epcot, I spotted this hoodie and instantly fell in love. I didn't end up buying it then and there, but when the rest of the family saw the design, they ended up loving it too! End result? We now all own matching hoodies.
  • Uniqlo cashmere blend chester coat - I have always wanted to own a camel coat, but constantly struggled to find one that fit me well... until now. I love the relaxed fit juxtaposed with a structured construction, and if it weren't so rainy and cold, I'd be wearing it every single day.
  • Mr. Coffee mug warmer - I don't know how I went so long without this in my life! Whenever I get distracted, I tend to set aside my coffee and tea and it gets cold before I go back to it. I've been using this for a little under a month, and it's my new favorite thing. I still have to test some of my other mugs on it, but the ones I have used all work really well in tandem with it to keep my drinks warm.
  • NORDKISA Nightstand - I feel like a proper adult now because I finally have a nightstand! I love having the space to store the stuff I use on a daily basis, as well extra space to tuck away other things that I love to have handy. It feels so satisfying and totally goes with the rest of our bedroom furniture!
  • CC Corso Como Jasleen Oxfords - I'll give full credit to the lovely Alex Bracken (who has great style) for this purchase! I got a good deal on these too. They're very comfortable and cute, and make a great addition to my shoe cabinet.
  • Frozen II - Hi, hello, my name is Alexa and I'm obsessed with Frozen II. I wrote an entire post about why I loved it, but it obviously merits a mention on this list because it's just that good. It's one of my favorite sequels (and films) from Disney!


  1. Love that we got to attend the Instagram Empty event together again this year! And I think we made the right choice going to the Bryant Park holiday shops early this year! And you already know, but I love those shoes!


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