October 30, 2019

Fallen Angels Fête: Favorites

In case you don't know what the Fallen Angels Fête is all about, let me get you up to speed! Rachel & I decided to revive our once annual tradition of binge reading a paranormal/urban fantasy series in October, and this year, we chose the Fallen Angels series by J.R. Ward. We shared our overall feelings about this series yesterday, and today, we're going to dive right into sharing our favorites!

Favorite book? 
Hands down, this is going to have to go to the third book of the series, Envy. It has a lot going for it - the story, the main characters, the romance.

Favorite quote?
"And once you got the faith - and I don't care what kind it is - it transforms you. There's no going back, and no one and nothing can take it away from you. You open the heart, and it comes in, and that's when you know shit's going to be alright." - Envy

Favorite heroine?
Sophia Reilly (from Envy) and Grier Childe (from Crave) tie for my favorite heroine of the series, though if I were forced to pick, I'd likely go with Sophia (and I'll get to why in a moment). Both these ladies are strong, capable, smart heroines who know how to take care of themselves, who work so hard to fight for what they know to be right and who don't back down from a challenge (especially if it involves someone they care deeply for). The only reason Sophia would be my ultimate pick is because she's got such a wonderful relationship with her parents - a treat in a series where there are plenty of difficult home life situations for many a character.

Favorite hero? 
This is another tough question! I do love Veck (from Envy) a whole lot, but I'm still so drawn to Isaac Rothe (from Crave). He's got that alpha male with a difficult past thing going for him, and apparently, that's very much my type.

Favorite couple?
Okay, hands down, I'm going to have to say Veck & Reilly. Their chemistry was off-the-charts from the get-go, and I also really liked how their relationship progressed over the course of their novel.

Favorite secondary character?
Adrian is, without a doubt, the secondary character I latched on to almost instantly when we first make his acquaintance in the book. There was just something about his persona that stood out from the start, and seeing his growth and experiences over the course of the series was a treat.

Favorite surprise appearance?
I was really excited to see so many mentions of characters I knew from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (including Detective de la Cruz, Butch, Phury, Xhex, and Beth). But I was really excited that Trez got to play a part in one of the books!

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