December 11, 2017

Winter Survival Kit

It will likely surprise no one that I'm collaborating with Rachel on another set of fun posts! This time, we're tackling seasonal essentials. For Winter and Spring, it'll be survival kits due to our mutual dislike of cold weather and we're both plagued by allergies. For Summer and Autumn, we haven't thought of what to call it yet but it'll definitely be less about survival and more about fun stuff since those are our two favorite seasons.

Ah, Winter. There are certainly things I love about the season - Christmas, the way everything looks when coated with sparkling snow, the warm drinks I constantly consume as the temperature drops, the cozy weekends under a fuzzy throw blanket with a hot drink and a book in hand. But, if I'm being completely honest, winter is not my season. I'm not a fan of it getting dark so early, and not fond of being either too cold or overly warm (because of my layers). Here are seven of my essentials in order to survive winter!

Hats | I'm not usually a hat person. But during wintertime, I consider them essential parts of my wardrobe. They keep the top of my head and my ears warm, especially the style that I'm obsessed with this year - knit hats with a pompom on top. (1, 2)

Turtlenecks | I've rediscovered my love for turtlenecks this year! (It's all because of Korean dramas and Uniqlo, if I'm being honest.) I've always liked the way it works double time as an actual top and as a great layering piece. (1, 2)

Sweaters | I love sweaters. They're cute, and they're functional. I've amassed a nice little collection over the years - mostly considering of a variety of plain colors and patterned ones - and I tend to just alternate through them as the season progresses. (1, 2)

Socks | I love socks. I wear them during the day, sure, but I'm especially fond of wearing them to bed at night to keep my toes warm. I collect all sorts of patterns, colors and fandoms, so my collection is pretty eclectic. (1)

Hot chocolate | Now, if you know me at all, you'll know that winter is officially hot cocoa season to me. I love, love, love indulging in a cocoa break whenever I can (which is pretty much every single day), and I especially love going out of my way to try all sorts of hot chocolate concoctions in the city. My most recent favorite that I've tried was from a place called United Chocolate Works!

Throw blanket | Can you sense a theme with all my essentials? I just like being warm, y'all. My sister and I found a green and red plaid throw for our couch this year, and I'm obsessed with it and how cozy it makes me feel. (1)

a TV series to binge | I much prefer being indoors to being outdoors during winter. Apart from binge reading books, I love marathoning TV series! Two years ago, I binged Avatar: The Last Airbender,; last year, I was obsessed with finishing Naruto: Shippuden (which is a lifetime favorite for me now), This year, I'm in the middle of binge watching Goblin (a Korean drama series which is fabulous) and Bleach (an anime series about soul reapers). Any other recommendations?

What would be in your winter survival kit?
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