December 18, 2017

Table for Two #12: Koneko Cat Cafe

I'm really excited that Rachel of Hello, Chelly and I have teamed up once more to bring you a brand spanking new collaboration that involves two of my favorite things - New York City and food. We're proud to introduce Table for Two, where the two of us will be highlighting restaurants and dessert spots in New York City. You'll be hearing our personal opinions on the place and the food, as well as where you can go to try it out for yourself! This month, Rachel will be featuring Ivan Ramen and I'm going to be talking about Koneko Cat Cafe.

I've always wanted to go to a cat cafe, but it was only this month that I actually got the chance to do it when we visited Koneko Cat Cafe. While Rachel & I didn't have the time to stay and play with the cats (though we intend to do that the next time we visit), we did have a lovely time visiting this minimalist, adorable little place. The interior design is all about simplicity - white walls, dark wood, black and white cat photos and some cute cat merchandise. It's brightly lit and very inviting (particularly if you're standing outside in the dark, cold night like we were), so it's no surprise that it drew us in immediately.

While we were at the cafe, we partook of a variety of their desserts - yuzu and green tea cookies, green tea cheesecake and black sesame dacquoise. The green tea cookie was quite savory, but the cheesecake is the must have for matcha fans. And the yuzu cookie is perfect for a snack (especially with a cup of tea)! But the winner out of all the things we tried was the black sesame dacquoise, because the cream and biscuit just worked perfectly together. We also picked up a chai latte and a matcha latte, which were pretty good too.

All in all, I enjoyed hanging out at Koneko Cat Cafe for a little while. It's got a lovely ambiance, and the fare was simple, yummy and pretty filling too. I can't wait to go back for another visit, and this time, hopefully, we get a chance to play with the cats! Koneko Cat Cafe can be found on 26 Clinton St., New York, NY 10002.


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