August 16, 2017

Science, Magic & The Power of Friendship • The Someday Suitcase

The Someday Suitcase book cover
I really, really liked The Someday Suitcase, friends. While I certainly expected as much since I've read and enjoyed every single novel (young adult and middle grade) by Corey Ann Haydu, I wasn't prepared for how much this story would move me by the time I hit the end of it. 

The Someday Suitcase is about Clover and Danny, two best friends who are complete opposites - Clover is quiet and likes lists and science; Danny is chatty and likes making things fun and art. They balance each other out, and neither can imagine functioning apart from the other. But Danny suddenly gets sick, and the doctors can't figure out how to help him. Clover, determined not to lose her best friend, decides to try to figure out what's happening to Danny, and eventually comes to one conclusion: Danny is only better when she's around, and when she's not, he's in danger of getting worse. Determined to find a cure, Clover and Danny end up on an adventure that involves a little magic, a little science and a whole lot of love.

I fell instantly in love with Clover, who is a girl after my own heart, and Danny, who reminds me so much of my husband. I liked reading about the special landmark moments of their friendship, the shared experiences with their families and classmates, the mundanities of their everyday life and the way that changes after Danny gets sick. It did start off a little slower than I'd expected, but it quickly picks up as Danny's illness progresses and Clover hastens to figure out just what is going on. And, of course, I liked the way that this story basically crept up on me emotion-wise and had me feeling all the feels at the very end. 

It was, without a doubt, another lovely little middle grade from Haydu, and it's cemented my certainty that I'm going to enjoy any future middle grades she writes in the future. I would highly recommend checking out The Someday Suitcase, as well as her middle grade debut Rules for Stealing Stars if you're in search of a new middle grade contemporary read that a) tackles tough stuff and b) has just a hint of magic.

The Someday Suitcase by Corey Ann Haydu
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books | Publication Date: June 27, 2017
Source: e-galley downloaded from Edelweiss (Thanks!)


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