August 21, 2017

Five Tips for Convention Season

I'm really excited that convention season is just around the corner for Macky & I! After attending both Boston Comic Con and New York Comic Con last year, as well as having attended BookCon earlier this year, we're both really looking forward to attending New York Comic Con for the second time and attending Anime Con as well. 

As the time draws closer, it's time to start prepping for the cons - thinking up cosplay or outfits, saving up to buy new goodies, thinking about what panels or photo ops you want to attend. While I'm certainly no expert when it comes to cons, I thought it'd be fun to share a few tips I've picked up after last year! 

1. Make plans to attend with other folks. One of the best things about conventions is being able to go with folks who share the same passions you do! I don't think I'd have half as much fun attending these things if I weren't going with people who will be as excited as I am. I'm fortunate to share very many fandoms in common with Macky, as well as some of our other friends.
2. Prepare your schedule. While I don't necessarily think that you need to stick to your schedule once you've got it, it'll be nice for you and your companions to have a frame of reference for what's going on any given con day. It'll give you the opportunity to arrive early (especially for popular panels), and hit up every booth (and try to get your exclusives). 

3. Bring snacks, water, portable battery and tote bags. I'd suggest carrying either a backpack or a smaller purse, preferably something that will leave your hands free, as well as having an extra tote tucked in there. Bringing a portable battery will also save your life (especially if you're documenting the event via your phone), and having snacks and water will make up for not being able to stop to eat.

4. Be savvy with your cash. Even though I had been warned, I still went way over my own personal budget for last year. I've learned my lesson now! It definitely will work out in your favor if you've got the cash to spend on the goodies you want and if you do the smart shopper method of making the rounds (especially around Artist Alley in my case) before you spend your cash.

5. Remember your manners. There will come a point when you are tired, hungry or encountering frustrating folk. I urge you to remember to always be polite and respectful! Cons are definitely crowded and overwhelming, and a little patience and a lot of manners will definitely go a long way towards making the convention a pleasant experience for you and everyone else.

There you have it, friends! I hope you find them helpful, particularly if you're going to be attending any conventions yourself. If you're going to be at NYCC or AnimeCon this year, please be sure to give a shout in the comments! (P.S. Check out Eventbrite to find events near you! They have a handy online registration page so you can sign up.)


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