July 29, 2017

Macky Reads Beyond the Doors

Beyond the Doors book cover
Reader, meet Janice, Zach, Sydney and Alexa. After their father winds up in a coma, they have to live with their eccentric aunt Gladys and her giant science experiment of a house where the mystery of why she has so many doors lying around will be revealed one fun chapter at a time.

As a kid, whenever I was taken to a new house, I was more interested in exploring the house than interacting with the people. I mean, after all, you never know what kind of adventure was waiting behind closed doors. Beyond the Doors resonated with the part of me that actually still feels this way about new places.

I mean, I was totally there with the four siblings running around like crazy as the things they didn’t know about their family begin to be revealed. For a light and easy read, I felt very connected to these siblings in ways that I never expected. They have such distinct personalities ,but in the face of adversity, they work as a unit in spite of the usual sibling shenanigans.

The only part I had a hard time with (and not even in a bad way) was the ending. The premise behind what lay behind the doors in the story is simple enough initially, until suddenly it got really complex winding up to the end. I seriously feel the need to reread the last part and make an infographic so that I (and anyone else I know who wants to read this) can refer to the guide, so they understand what exactly happened and how the kids did what they had to do.

And honestly, I don’t even mind that I have to do that. It’s such a pleasant read and it resolves pretty well. It seems like a one-shot deal and that’s okay too if this isn’t a series. Stories end. And I liked the ending of this one. Beyond the Doors comes out first day of August 2017! Grab a copy if you want a really epic in-door adventure.

Beyond the Doors by David Neilsen
Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers | Publication Date: August 1, 2017
Source: ARC received from the publisher (Thanks!)


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