July 12, 2017

Hit the Jackpot • Lucky in Love

What do you do when you buy a lottery ticket on a whim and end up winning millions of dollars? Maddie is about to find out! She’s now in a world of newfound wealth, a world where things like bills and tuition are no longer problems, a world where she can buy and do things she only ever dreamt of. But when speculation begins and people start taking advantage of her, Maddie is no longer sure who she can trust. Except her cute zoo coworker Seth, who seems blissfully unaware of her good fortune and Maddie feels like she should keep it that way…

Lucky in Love book cover
Plot? Unsurprisingly, this is another YA romantic comedy from Kasie West. It has a simple story – a girl who wins the lottery and must deal with both the good and bad consequences of becoming nouveau riche. Throw in the way that her new status complicates things with her family, friends, peers, and this confusing-yet-appealing tension that she develops with her adorable coworker, and you’ll wind up with a sugary sweet story that has the satisfying happily ever after of a movie ending. I went into this one expecting to find it adorable, and that’s exactly what it wound up being – if also a little bit forgettable after I was done reading.

Characters? Maddie came across as your typical teen who is simply trying to figure everything in her life out – the stress-related complications arising between her parents, where she wants to go to college, what to do about her crush on her coworker especially considering her pact with her friends, to name a few. Add in the additional stress of suddenly being responsible for millions of dollars and not knowing how to manage it properly or what you want to do with it, and it is understandable why she seems to ricochet between choices. Her naïveté bothered me a little more than I would have liked, but I also tried to understand that as someone so young and overwhelmed, it would make sense for her to panic, to not see the truth of things and to not always make the right choices instinctively. Apart from Maddie, I enjoyed the secondary characters – Maddie’s parents and older brother, her two best friends, Seth (who is all sorts of adorable, and I could totally relate to why she had a crush on him, thank you very much) – a lot.

Writing? As with all other Kasie West books I’ve ever read, it is simple, no frills writing that tells the story exactly how it is. I always find her novels compulsively readable, and I fly through the pages of them whenever I read them.

Overall? It’s another cute contemporary to add to the Kasie West arsenal! I enjoyed the story overall, though I do feel that it started out stronger than the way it ended. It’s fluffy and fun, and perfect to tuck into your tote to take along on a trip to the beach or a picnic in the park.

Favorite animal at the zoo? I love animals, though I much prefer wildlife reserves to zoos when it comes to seeing them up close and personal. One of my dreams is to go on an African safari someday! Ahem, anyway, if you were going to ask me to pick a favorite animal, it would be easy for me because I always go out of my way to see this animal whenever I do visit a zoo: tigers. (If I were to be more specific, I love white tigers.) I just find them to be majestic felines with powerful, graceful movements, and who also like to play with the toys or things in their surroundings that amuse them.

Lucky in Love by Kasie West
Publisher: Scholastic | Publication Date: July 25, 2017
Source: e-galley downloaded from Edelweiss (Thanks!)


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