November 26, 2015

Things I'm Thankful For

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The older I get, the more it feels imperative to try to keep up a daily attitude of gratitude. There are many things in this world that leave me anxious, angry or sad, but I've found it's easier to bear these things when I contemplate all the good things in my life. I'm truly blessed to be living a life that feels rich with joy and possibilities, and I try not to take that for granted. It is always at around this time of year that I start thinking about everything that I'm thankful for, and since it does happen to be Thanksgiving, I felt like sharing all the things that enrich my life:

  • PEOPLE: I'm surrounded by so many people that love me. They encourage me, they comfort me, they make me laugh, and I'm truly grateful for each and every one of them, from my beloved, silly, wonderful husband, to my beautiful family (near and far) and my eclectic, thoughtful friends. Life isn't always easy, but it certainly helps to know you've got people who have your back and will always be there for you.
  • PROVISION: While I've got a way to go before I can really say with confidence that I know how to handle my finances, I've gotten better at it. My finances are steady, and I'm slowly working out how to budget and save, with help from my husband. We've got just enough to cover our needs and occasionally, our wants, and that's blessing enough! We're also lucky to be living in a great apartment, and to be constantly confronted with opportunities for growth (in our jobs and in our passions).
  • PASSION: I'm grateful for the hobbies that make me happy. Reading books, and acquiring the ones I love for the library I'm slowly building here. Blogging, and how it allows me to meet new friends, gush about books I've loved and share a little part of myself with the world. Writing, and how it's finally started feeling natural to me again, and how the ideas are coming steadily now. Travel, and how I've been able to go a number of places this year for trips and with excellent company. And faith, particularly how my relationship with God continues to transform and grow the more I try to connect with Him.
  • POSSIBILITIES + PLANS: I'm a planner through and through (and my system for doing it in various areas of my life has changed over the years). But what really excites me, and what I'm really particular thankful for is the fact that all these possibilities and plans exist for the years to come. Everything from blogging-related plotting (like upcoming events I'm excited about, or new things I'm trying) to travel (my family is looking at taking a big family vacation, and I also am hoping to be at SDCC 2016!) is on my horizon, and I really do feel lucky.
What are the things you're grateful for?
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Budgeting is something I should work on. I like tracking things if they're electronic because I can keep them in a spreadsheet, but when it comes to physical receipts? I throw them out so quickly. >.> But I'm really, really thankful that I am studying abroad. It's been an experience with so much adjusting to do, especially the weather since I come from the Philippines, which is just hot all the time, but it has also led to a lot of crazy opportunities.


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