November 30, 2015

November 2015

It's officially the very last day of November today! I normally don't do a lot in November apart from celebrating Thanksgiving with loved ones, but this year definitely broke the mold. I did a ton of things with so many friends, and I love that. If every month were as fun as this one (minus friends moving back to their hometowns and getting sick multiple times), I would be all for it!

The month kicked off with getting to see a second Jason Robert Brown show at Subculture, something I'd highly recommend you do if you like his musicals. I also got the chance to hang out with Gaby, Alyssa & Amy for a day up in Connecticut, filled with Book Barn bargains and delicious food. While Macky was away in San Francisco for a few days, I kept busy - a pre-birthday dinner for my cousin Clarissa at Taqueria with Jaymee and Mel, a girly sleepover at Jaymee's, another sleepover at Rachel's, and a day in West Chester with Rachel, Kelly & Betty, with book bargains and diner food to tide us over. I also got to cat sit the most lovable cat for my friends while they went off to London, and I celebrated a fun Friendsgiving with friends! All in all, it was definitely a month filled with people & things that I loved to pieces.

Of the 19 books I read this month, these were my favorites:

Features, Tours + Tags | I Love My HairFictional WorldsThe Sunday Mix (18)3 Questions for Lauren SmithBook Bloggers + Books Tag, Books in Real Life, Episode 9: Since You've Been Gone, {Bookish} Style Files: Plaid Adventures, The Sunday Mix (19), Tunes & Tales: I Cry When I Laugh

We're nearly at the end of the year! But don't despair - there is still one whole month to achieve the reading goal you set for the Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge. Rachel & I have loved hosting the challenge so much that we're doing it again next year, so look out for the 2016 sign-ups! Anyway, I managed to read two novels The Impostor Queen and Uprooted, both of which were pretty great. Only eight more books for me till I hit 50!


  1. Sounds like a great month! I'm in the middle of the audiobook version of Winter.

  2. Looks like you had a ton of fun this month. Winter was definitely one of my favs as well and I just started Their Fractured Light and can tell that I'm really going to enjoy it.

  3. Yay for having an amazing November :D It sounds like so much fun. <3 Kitty pictures :D Love! And yay for loving Winter. <3 I did too. Hoping to read Their Fractured Light very soon :) So glad you loved it. Hope you have an amazing December Alexa. <3


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