June 30, 2015

June 2015

Oh June, you've been ever so lovely! Things slowed down this month, but in the best way. Summer is finally upon us, and each day has felt like a gift - a gift of joy, of relaxation, of enjoyment, of living and loving. I've been happily allowing myself to embrace the season, and it excites me that there are still two summery months ahead.

I kicked off my month with a trip to LA to hang out with my college roomies - the first time we've been complete since my wedding. In spite of my travel woes on my return trip, I had an incredible amount of fun! I've been spending more quality time with Macky, since we don't have any guests and the weather has been great. There have also been a few book events that I've been lucky enough to attend here and there, and I'm so happy I've gotten to meet two more authors I absolutely adore - Trish Doller and Tamara Ireland Stone - and see Emery Lord again.



I'm so pleased by my progress with this challenge of ours! In June, I read 6 fantasy novels - and pretty much every single one was a stellar reading experience. (In case you were wondering, I reread The Queen of the Tearling and The Kiss of Deception, and I read The Invasion of the Tearling, The Heart of Betrayal, Nightborn and Truthwitch.) 10 more books, and I'll be hitting my reading goal - so yay me! How are YOU doing with your challenge?

Also, we're excited to announce our first set of winners for the mid-year Flights of Fantasy giveaway! Winner #1 is Alicia of Awesome Book Assessment and Winner #2 is Alexandra of Seagulls & Semantics. Congratulations ladies!


  1. Come Away with Me has a married couple?! WHY HAVEN'T YOU THROWN IT IN MY FACE?!?!!? *pre orders*

  2. I WISH I could read 33 books in a month! I am astounded at your reading pace! I'm lucky if I finish 10!

  3. I should really start doing my wrap-up on the first of the month instead of the first Sunday of the month. I feel guilty looking at you all today!! You did more interesting things than me this month, that's for sure! Oooh, how are the Avatar comics? I'm halfway through the second Tearling book...going to finish this week or next, I hope! I just read UNDER THE LIGHTS this past weekend and the timing was PERFECT because it felt like a celebration! Oooh, and you and I need to talk about TRUTHWITCH!!

    I love the way you do your wrap-up. It's so much more fluid than mine. Jealous! ;)

  4. Danielle @ Love at First PageJune 30, 2015 at 6:26 PM

    Brown-Eyed Girl! That was so much fun reading it with all of your all's sticky notes. :D
    I hope you have a wonderful July, Alexa!

  5. Lena @ Addicted 2 NovelsJuly 1, 2015 at 8:46 AM

    Yay, I'm so glad you lovebirds have been able to spend some time together and enjoy the weather! Also, are you guys wearing the SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE sunglasses? And why don't we live closer to each other? My heart, it hurts!

    I'm glad you're having a fabulous summer thus far.

  6. You read 33 books this month??? And I thought my 15 was something to be proud of haha. I'm very excited to hear you loved Truthwitch- I can't wait to read your review for it. Also, it's so nice to hear you had a great time in LA! Would love to visit the west coast sometime!


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