May 25, 2015

Tunes & Tales: Chaos and the Calm

Even though I fell hard for his song "Let It Go" and even went so far as to pre-order his debut album Chaos and the Calm, I wouldn't have called myself a true James Bay fan, at least not the way my best friend Danica is. The most random circumstances led to me attending his concert last month with Danica and my sister Mel - and I couldn't be more grateful. I'd loved the album, and listened to it, but hearing him live? There's nothing like it. Because I'm still on a James Bay high, I decided it was a good time to feature Chaos and the Calm. And because I know she loves James Bay, I asked Hannah of So Obsessed With to help me out!

VIBE: indie pop, alternative acoustic, catchy rhythms, cheeky lyrics
WHY: I was obsessed with "Let It Go" after I first heard it.
TRY: I currently love "Hold Back the River", though the entire album is brilliant.

Craving // Crash Into You
Take me far from streets and roads
Lead me out in the night
Don't show me the way back home
'Coz I... Yes I'm craving, craving, craving something I can feel
Where do I go, what do I need, is it ecstasy or is it fear?

Hold Back the River // Before I Go
Tried to keep you close to me,
But life got in between
Tried to square not being there
But think that I should have been

Let It Go //  The One That Got Away
I used to recognize myself
It's funny how reflections change
When we're becoming something else
I think it's time to walk away

If You Ever Want to Be In Love // Catching Jordan
I'll come around
If you ever want to be in love
I'm not waiting, but I'm willing if you call me up
If you ever want to be in love
I'll come around

Best Fake Smile // Saving Francesca
She used to put it out and get it all back
But now she slipping trying to carry the act
She's sweating under the lights, now she's beginning to crack

When We Were On Fire // Crown of Midnight
Drifting apart, getting hard to hold you
Days getting dark and the nights are growing cold
Are we burning out?
Swept out of sight, rolling up on an ocean
Let's cut all the ropes and get lost in the moment
If our hearts are alive, maybe then we might
Send us back to the sun
Now I know, I know
That we're losing light, our love is dying
Out cold on the floor
Like a fallen star that shines no more
Take, take-a-me back to where we was before
When we were on fire, fire

Move Together // Private Arrangements
How we gonna breathe? How we gonna be together?
Just keeping the peace between the sheets.
So maybe don't give me cold shoulder
Before you go turn around, let me hold you

Scars // Lady Thief
Your lion's heart
Will protect you under stormy skies
And I will always be listening for your laughter and your tears
And as soon as I can hold you once again
I won't let go of you, I swear

You wear your heart on your sleeve
I wear my blood on my tie
But it's only love underneath, this disguise

Get Out While You Can // The Winner's Curse
So take your final look at me, may even take my hand
Standing on the staircase, come and chase the master plan
Long way to get away, play it like a grand slam
This is no encore, we have only just begun

Need the Sun to Break // Happiness for Beginners
I need the sun to break, you've woken up my heart
I'm shaking, all my luck could change
Been in the dark for weeks and I've realized you're all I need and
I hope that I'm not too late, I hope I'm not too late

I breathe in slow to compose myself
But the bleeding heart I left on the shelf
Started speeding round, beating half to death
Cause you're here and you're all mine


  1. Ahhh, Cam. He's just plain awesome. And yay for turtles, lol.

  2. Grace @ She Reads ThingsMay 25, 2015 at 4:55 PM

    I'm really loving the album as well, but Hold Back the River is my favorite! The synopsis for Before I Go looks so good, but so heartbreaking! I'll have to read it soon, and perhaps also have some tissues on hand?

    -Grace :)

  3. OMG! This post! I LOVE THIS POST! Do you have more like it?? So creative! Thanks for sharing the album, the lyrics, and the books! :)

  4. I read Number the Stars in grade school (a rarity as my schools didn't often focus on "canon" or "classic" titles) and absolutely loved it. It was only years later that I realized Lois Lowry was a big, big deal and how much acclaim the book has received. A similar book I read and loved just as much was Alan and Naomi if you haven't read it yet!


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