May 4, 2015

6 Days in the Philippines

Last month, I was fortunate enough to be able to take a trip home to the Philippines for six days. Even though it passed entirely too fast for my tastes, I was happy I was able to be with my grandmother on her birthday, as well as see some of my family and friends. It's been a couple of weeks since, but I figure that this post is better late than never! Here are 6 things from my trip to the Philippines.

#1: We celebrated Lola Aida's 80th birthday with a decades-themed dance party. I knew it would be fun to see all my relatives and to dress up, but I underestimated how much fun the dancing would be. The program was definitely A+, but the dance party after with everyone on the floor? So. Fun.

#2: We visited to a rest house in Don Salvador Benedicto. I love escaping from the city whenever I can, and visiting this mountain getaway was a treat. Even though I couldn't go swimming, there was plenty of room to lounge, read and admire the view.

#3: I spent lots of quality time with my family. It was such a treat to hang out with my family and Macky's family so much during my trip. I've missed being surrounded by these people who know and love me best, so I soaked it up as much as I can.

#4: I was reunited with two of my college roomies + our honorary roomie. Even with such a short time frame for my visit, I am so happy I was able to squeeze in a quick coffee date with some of my best friends in the whole entire universe. We caught up on everything, and chatted about our future plans (which you'll hear about real soon).

#5: I met Hazel for the first time. Hazel and I have been chatting back and forth on Twitter, but only met this year! I was so glad we were able to make some time to hang out together and enjoy a really good brunch, and I'm super excited to see her when she's in NYC.

#6: I returned to NYC with my little sister Rachel. It's the first time she gets a break from school in the summer, so she's spending an entire month with us here. You'll be reading all about our adventures in another post!

And there you have it, a quick rundown of my trip to the Philippines! I've missed doing personal posts on the blog, so it's nice to be able to jump back in with something I'm super excited about. I'm working on shifting my blog schedule a bit so that I do more of these - so look out for some upcoming personal posts. 


  1. Love this!! I love seeing your pictures and I'm so happy you had such an amazing time! :)

  2. This is a lovely post, you're grandmother is so beautiful, she looks like mine!

  3. Jealous! Haha I feel like that's always our staple comment whenever one of us goes home. Your lola's party looks awesome, I love that you guys had a theme and you dressed up for it.

  4. THIS LOOKS AMAZING. So glad you got to be with your grandmother for her birthday! But all your pictures look amazing and those VIEWS. MY OH MY. LOVE IT.

  5. It was so wonderful to meet you, Alexa!! I'm glad to hear you had such a great time spending quality time with your family! And what a coincidence- my Grandma's name is also Aida! I bet she loved the party very much! Can't wait to see you in NYC real soon! xo

  6. That's fantastic you got to celebrate your grandmother's birthday with her and I'm glad you had such fun! Yay for meeting Hazel too!!

  7. Aw, love this post. <3 Thank you so much for sharing about your trip Alexa :D It sounds like such an amazing time. So jealous. <3 Love the pictures you shared so much. I'm glad you had the best time :D


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