May 27, 2015

Going Undercover

Series: Gallagher Girls #1-6
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Publication Dates: May 1, 2006 / October 2, 2007 / June 9, 2009 / June 29, 2010 / March 13, 2012 / September 17, 2013
Source/Format: Borrowed from the library || Paperback; Hardcover

Covert Operations Report || May 2015

Operative Alexa (henceforth known as the Operative) made the executive decision to investigate the popular young adult series “Gallagher Girls”. This series is penned by author Ally Carter, and is about the adventures of one Cammie McGovern, a student at an exclusive girls’ boarding school-slash-spy-academy, and her family and friends as they come up against some unexpected enemies. 

The Operative’s initial impression of this series is that it derives its fan base from being pure entertainment. It is easy to see how the fast-paced plot, cool action sequences and intriguing twists would draw a reader in. 

In the course of her investigation, the Operative has discovered a few things with regards to “Gallagher Girls”. In the interest of making a full, objective report, the Operative has included this information below so that readers will take something away from her experience.

1. These novels are easy to read, and hence, easily finished. The speed and ease with which a reader can read through the six novels in the series is quite unexpected. But the Operative discovered that she was barely able to stop for breaks as she was reading, because the entirety of the story and its major arc is very compelling. It may be of importance to note that the story seems geared towards the younger side of the young adult spectrum.

2. If you didn’t want to be a spy before, or even if you did, you will probably reconsider it after you finish the series. “Gallagher Girls” showcases all the cool parts of being a spy. Readers will witness the special abilities, cool inventions and the importance of spies and what they do, particularly a covert operative such as myself. But the series also shows the real, day-to-day struggles and life-or-death moments. It will really test your mettle, and whether you really want to pursue the life of a spy.

3. The plot starts off a little slow, but the build-up results in the most spectacular climax. While the Operative thinks the first book was just so-so, each successive book just gets better. Ally Carter does know how to tell a story filled with unexpected moments and surprise revelations. 

4. Ally Carter has created a fun cast of characters. The Operative cannot even tell you which character is the standout, as all of them play such unique roles in this story. Cammie is the character readers get to know best, and she’s smart, stubborn and strong. But the other characters – her mother and her aunt, her teachers, her best friends, the boys she likes – are all fun additions to the cast, and definitely serve their intended purposes.

5. The character relationships (friendships, family, and romance) are definitely a factor in the Operative’s enjoyment. Ally Carter knows how to capture the nuances of each type of relationship, particularly how it can be affected by being a spy. All the development felt natural, if inevitable, and the Operative found this element of the series particularly fascinating.

In conclusion, the Operative would highly recommend “Gallagher Girls” for those readers searching for something quick and fun to read. While it has not quite joined this Operative’s “favorites” shelf, it is definitely a series that will come with a good recommendation.


  1. A+ for your Covert Operations Report Operative Alexa :)
    I really liked the series too and it woke my love for spy novels.

  2. Hey :) Brilliant review and creative idea, that Covert Operations Report! Have you read Ally Carter's Heist Society novels? I started reading them a while ago, but they left me pretty disappointed in the end... :/

  3. Loved this review Alexa! I've always wanted to read this series, as I love myself some spy stories. I hope I'll get a chance to read the books soon!


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