April 30, 2015

Tunes & Tales: Four

I was quite sad to hear the news that Zayn Malik was leaving One Direction earlier this year. I respect the fact that he can make his own choices and do what's best for him though, so it's not so much that I feel bitter or angry that he's left; I just know it will dramatically shift the dynamic of the group. Still, if other bands can survive it (Westlife being a key example here), One Direction can too. Because I had One Direction on the brain, I decided to feature their latest release Four for this month's Tunes & Tales. The best part? I got my fellow One Direction fangirls Morgan of Gone with the Words and Wendy of Book Scents to play along and help find book pairings for each track!

VIBE: pop-rock tunes, sweet ballads, boyband vibes
WHY: The tunes alternate between fun, upbeat songs and lovely ballads. It's very fun!
TRY: Night Changes is my all-time favorite, but I love Ready to Run as well.

Steal My Girl // The Lynburn Legacy
I don't exist / if I don't have her
The sun doesn't shine / the world doesn't turn
[...]Everybody wanna steal my girl
Everybody wanna take her heart away
Couple billion in the whole wide world
Find another one 'cause she belongs to me

Ready to Run // The Start of Me and You
This time I'm ready to run
Wherever you are is the place I belong
'Cause I wanna be free and I wanna be young
I'll never look back now
I'm ready to run

Where Do Broken Hearts Go // Sugar Daddy
Counted all my mistakes and there’s only one
Standing up on a list of the things I’ve done
All the rest of my crimes don’t come close
To the look on your face when I let you go

I have loved you since we were 18
Long before we both thought the same thing
To be loved, to be in love

Girl Almighty  // Life in Outer Space
She floats through the room on a big balloon
Some say she’s such a fake / that her love is made up
No, no, no, no
Let’s have another toast to the girl almighty

Fool's Gold // Tiger Lily
I’ve let you use me from the day that we first met
But I’m not done yet / falling for you
Fool’s gold

Night Changes // On the Fence
She’s falling, doesn’t even know it yet
Having no regrets is all that she really wants
[...] But there’s nothing to be afraid of
Even when the night changes
It will never change me and you

No Control // Every Move
Powerless / and I don't care it's obvious
I just can't get enough of you
The pedal's down, my eyes are closed
No control

Fireproof // The Sea of Tranquility
'Cause nobody knows you, baby, the way I do,
And nobody loves you, baby, the way I do,
It's been so long, it's been so long, maybe you are fireproof,
'Cause nobody saves me, baby, the way you do.

Spaces between us keep getting deeper
It's harder to reach you, even though I try
Spaces between us hold all our secrets
Leaving us speechless and I don't know why
Who's gonna be the first to say goodbye

Stockholm Syndrome // Cruel Beauty
Who's that shadow holding me hostage? / I've been here for days
Who's this whisper telling me that I'm never gonna get away?
I know they'll be coming to find me soon
But I fear I'm getting used to being held by you

Clouds // The Art of Lainey
Someday, you’re gonna see the things that I see
You’re gonna want the air that I breathe
You’re gonna wish you never left me

Change Your Ticket // Behind the Scenes
And you say / it's hard to keep a secret
Girl, don't leave me all alone in this hotel
And these shades can hide us from the streets, yeah
one weekend / I promise that I'll never tell

Illusion // Princess of Thorns
Can't you see it?
I'm not trying to mislead you
I promise falling for me / won't be a mistake
No baby, this is not an illusion
I've really got my heart out on my sleeve

Once in a Lifetime // Infinite
Somehow it feels like nothing has changed
Right now my heart is beating the same
Out loud someone’s calling my name
It sounds like you

When I’m fat and old and my kids think I’m a joke
Cause the stories that I told, I tell again and again
I can count on you after all we got up to


  1. Ok, so I know you guys probably already know this ... but this is PERFECTION. I love all of your choices, even the books I haven't read! Some of them are just awesome, like Every Move (Morgan's choice??), The Start of Me and You, and Tiger Lily ... they fit so perfectly! I could gush over this for ages (I really could), but I'm just going to say that this is amazing and I can't wait to go home and listen to Four all night! <3

    Bring My Books

  2. OH. MY GOD. These books! These songs! IT FITS SO WELL.

  3. Your graphics are AMAZING. I adore it plus the snippets!! Thanks so much for including me! I'm listening to Four as we speak. :) I'm also so sad that Zayn left. :( But the concert will still be amazing, I can't wait!!

  4. Morgan @ Gone with the WordsMay 4, 2015 at 1:08 PM

    This turned out sooooo wonderfully! I really love the snippets you chose and the graphics you made! Like Wendy said, thanks for including me :) I don't think I'll ever get over Zayn leaving... every time I hear a favorite part of mine I get all wistful haha.


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