November 30, 2014

November 2014


On the first of November, I was away from the busy streets of New York City and up in the mountains upstate. My roommates + all our significant others decided to go on an impromptu fall getaway, which was absolutely delightful for the soul. We played games, ate good food, explored the great outdoors and simply relaxed – a welcome respite from our day-to-day working lives.

The last vestiges of somewhat warm weather lingered during the first week of November. I was particularly spoiled for sun when I flew into Atlanta to meet up with Hannah, before embarking on a road trip to Charleston for YALLFest. In Charleston, I ran into a couple of bloggers (Hi Katie, Ash, Octavia, Elena!), some awesome authors (LAINI TAYLOR! Also, Alex Bracken, Ryan Graudin & Sarah Maas), and even some of my favorite publishing people (Hi Lizzy, Margot & Aubry!). For the most part, I just hung out with Hannah, who was seriously 100% worth flying in for, even though we only had about two days together. (Clearly, I adore her.)

Post-YALLFest, my return to New York heralded the arrival of colder weather. I’ve been forced to start bundling up in my coats and sweaters, which thrills me and saddens me all at once. But it does mean ingesting more coffee, particularly of the holiday variety (I’m kind of addicted to gingerbread lattes, FYI), and the holiday season fast approaching! Plus, Macky and I have both been hard at work writing for NaNoWriMo, which is great because we hold each other accountable for writing almost every single day.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with family up in Connecticut, which was also real fun! I love being surrounded by family during holidays, and this was no exception. So much food was consumed, and drinks had, and it just made me happy that Macky was finally here to be celebrating alongside me! I’m looking forward to getting into the holiday spirit even more, with Christmas coming up and presents needing to be bought and wrapped. Cheers, everyone, and here’s to a happy December!

(PS – How crazy is it that we’re on the last month of 2014? CRAZY TALK. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to December and whatever it may bring!)



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