May 23, 2014

Outings + Authors + Broadway, Oh My!

(Seriously, I have no idea what goes through my head when I craft my titles for personal posts. This is why whenever I write them, you can immediately be guaranteed a pretty silly one.)

It's been two weeks since my last personal life update. Never fear, dear friends and readers, as I am returning this week with a doozy of a post filled to the brim with all the fun things, bookish and otherwise, that I've been doing since then. 

What can you expect from this post? Well, there are book events (two of them), Broadway plays (three!), and outings (two!) at the park (two parks, actually).

Raclette Grill Party

For Mel's second birthday celebration, we got together with our friends Ian, Pat, Robbie and Antoinette at Ian & Pat's apartment for a raclette grill party! There was so much delicious food and dessert, fun discussions and a movie (Stuck in Love, which I liked!). Very relaxed, low-key and really just a wonderful day all in all.


Root beer is my favorite.

egg salad sandwich from Junior's

As one of my birthday presents for Mel, I got us tickets to go and see Pippin! We ate at Junior's first (a NY staple, and a place I take everyone who visits to at least once), and then settled into our seats at the theater. Pippin is an incredibly magical show, with jaw-dropping acrobatics, lots of humor and just a very whimsical, imaginative story. We both really liked it!

My favorite line? We've got magic to do.

Samantha Shannon at 92Y

authors Kendare Blake + Samantha Shannon

Samantha & I (in matching white jackets!)

Kendare Blake, Rebecca Jaycox (the organizer from 92Y!) & Samantha Shannon

About two weeks ago, May 10, I made my way over to the 92Y for my first book event there - a night featuring author Samantha Shannon. I really enjoyed her debut novel, The Bone Season, so it was a given I'd make time for this event on a Saturday night! Kendare Blake, author of Anna Dressed in Blood, interviewed Samantha as if she was the host of "In the Actor's Studio". (She was fantastic, by the way!) Here are some tidbits for you all:

After the interview and her Q&A with the audience, Samantha and Kendare both graciously sat at the autographing table so people could get their books signed. I got my finished copy of The Bone Season signed, and picked up a copy of Kendare's novel, Anna Dressed in Blood, which I also got signed. (I'm still mildly freaked out by that cover though!)

All I Do is Grill, Grill, Grill

chips and dip

BBQ steak + chicken



poker match (photo credit: Mel)

The day after the signing, Mel, my BFF Jaymee and her boyfriend Ephy decided it was high time we had another grilling party at Ephy's place! So we did a little shopping at H&M, then picked up some goodies to cook at Fairway and headed on over. 

It was a lovely day all in all -- delicious food, beautiful sunshine, learning how to play poker (yes, I didn't know how before and still kind of don't!). Only downside of being outside for so long? My allergies picked up steam all over again, boo. I don't regret it though!

Fun in the Sun

Jaymee, Bianca & I

Another sunny day graced New York last Saturday (although there was a breeze which made it a bit chilly!), and of course, the usual gang had to take advantage of that -- especially since Bianca, one of my BFFs, was in town! We met up with Ephy's friends Ryan and Lauren for a fantastic Mexican brunch (at a place that I can't remember the name of right now). My mouth still waters thinking about everyone's food.

After we indulged heavily, we decided some exercise would be best. What better way to do that than to take a scenic hike in the park? We visited Fort Tryon Park, seeing incredible views, pretty architecture (the Cloisters) and lots of spring flowers. We rewarded ourselves at the end with a quick pit stop at the ice cream truck!

On a complete whim, Lauren brought up the Dance Parade happening in Tompkins Square Park that very same afternoon. Without second thoughts, we headed on down there where the dancing (all sorts - hip hop, ballroom, acrobatics, hooping, cultural dances, and more) was in full swing. It was fun to see everyone just dancing around and having a good time!

We decided to take a break and grab some dinner after that at Grill 21, a Filipino restaurant in the city that one of my friends used to work at. Bianca and I couldn't linger and enjoy a relaxed dinner however, because we had plans for later that night...

The Bridges of Madison County

Bianca and I literally made it to our seats for this show with only a minute to spare! But it was entirely worth it. The Bridges of Madison County is a beautiful musical. Everything about it - the actors, the lines, the songs, the set + costumes - was perfectly done. The story is certainly an emotional one, which I sort of knew going in, but I definitely did not see the tears in my eyes coming at the end! Macky has been telling me about it for months, so I'm glad I finally got to see it for myself before it closed on Sunday.

My favorite line? Love is always better.

Great Teen Reads

Kieran Scott, author of Only Everything

Emery Lord, author of Open Road Summer

Rachel of Hello, Chelly

my Open Road Summer OOTD

On Tuesday, at Books of Wonder (one of my favorite NY indies), authors E. Lockhart, Jennifer E. Smith, Kieran Scott, Sarah Mlynowski, Emery Lord & Susane Colasanti got together for a fun "show and tell" panel (moderated by Gaby)! Each one brought objects to share with the audience, and I tweeted about them all:

(She got them, by the way. She brought us photographic proof!)

Obviously, I meant would "do" anything for someone.

After their panel, it was time for the signing. I got to meet Kieran Scott first, and she's such a sweetheart! I chatted with her a bit about her latest release, Only Everything (which I'd just recently read and loved! review to come!). I'm seriously excited that the next book in that series is out later this year, so I don't have to wait as long!

I then got the chance to meet Emery Lord! She is SO adorable in person, and I loved her bright lip color. I basically gushed about Open Road Summer, had a silly grin permanently on my face and told her about buying the book for my BFF (who is in an entirely different country). I'm so, so, so glad I got the opportunity to meet her so soon after reading and loving her debut!

Another highlight was getting the chance to chat with some of my favorite ladies from the Bloomsbury team - Erica and Emily! They're both fantastic people, and I always enjoy talking to them. Also, I got to hang out with one of my blogging BFFs Rachel, which is always fun!


Jenn Colella

Anthony Rapp

James Snyder

Bianca and I went to see our second Broadway show this past Wednesday: If/Then starring the incredibly talented Idina Menzel. I knew Idina would blow me away completely with her voice. But I wasn't expecting to be so moved and so reflective after seeing the story play out! This show is all about exploring "what ifs" and "might have beens", as we watch Elizabeth (Idina's role) go down two very different paths based on the choices she chooses to make. I was so moved (and I'm still incredibly moved a few days later) and am definitely looking forward to watching it again sometime!

My favorite line? So love wherever, whenever, and however love is.

So, there you have it, my crazy, eventful two weeks! And it's not over yet, obviously, as BEA is happening next week. I'll be doing a separate post on that (and how/where to find me) (and my pet project) this weekend, but for now, this is me saying I hope I see you there!


  1. Now I am hungry from all of the food! All of those things look like a lot of fun!

    Kate @ Ex Libris

  2. Looks like a great couple of weeks. So jealous you saw If/Then...that's definitely a show I would love to see. Here's hoping I get to NYC sooner rather than later to make that happen!

  3. I love your life updates! (I'm pretty sure I say that every time you make one haha). Ok, so I LOVE your outfits in your pictures, especially the one with you holding Open Road Summer and the overalls/crop top combo!



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