May 21, 2014

It Runs in the Family: Crazy Thing Called Love

My sister Melissa is doing a series review this week featuring the three novels in the Fixed series by Laurelin Paige. While she and I don't normally read this type of book, it was an interesting experience for Mel, and you can find her full thoughts on it below:

Fixed trilogy - Laurelin Paige
Fixed on You / Found in You / Forever with You by Laurelin Paige
Series: Fixed #1-3
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: June 22, 2013 / September 30, 2013 / January 12, 2014
Source/Format: Bought || Kindle e-books

+ The Story: They fell in love in a hopeless place. Alayna Withers & Hudson Pierce never knew what hit them. If anything, this story is fairly 50 Shades of Grey-esque sans the Red Room. We have two interesting characters – Alayna Withers, with her history of loving too much you could call it an obsession and Hudson Pierce, who never knew love at all, you could call it a game. Mental instability and manipulation seem far from the recipe of a good relationship, but as you course through this trilogy, you’ll find that this love story breaks all the rules, and wins. 

+ The Main Man: Hudson Pierce would remind you of Christian Grey, no doubt. There’s the insurmountable wealth and perfect looks, but also the master of manipulation and games. Whereas Mr. Grey’s manipulation was solely Red Room material, with Hudson Pierce, it’s an entire different ball game. Mental and emotional - you’ll find yourself questioning everything you know about anything. 

+ The Romance: Scorching. 

+ The Unforgettable Lines: 

“I’m drawn to you, Alayna. Not because I want to hurt you or make you feel a certain way, but because you’re beautiful and sexy and smart, and yes, a little crazy, maybe but you’re not broken. And that makes me hopeful. For me.” 

“Where is the road to your heart?” With one finger, he lifted my chin to meet his eyes. “Don’t you know? You’re the one who paved it.” 

Love can make us do crazy things, but we can also go crazy without it. I’d definitely give this book a couple of snaps, just because the romance did not disappoint. The story is fairly predictable, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But don’t be surprised when you get FIXED on this trilogy. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.


  1. I am always looking for a good romance series! I'll be sure to add this to my must read list!

    Kate @ Ex Libris


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