July 9, 2013

July 4, 5 + 6

Last week was very relaxed in my world! It was a three-day work week for me, as it was Independence Day last Thursday and our boss decided to give us Friday off. You can be sure that I took full advantage of my four-day weekend, though I ended it feeling a little bit under the weather (as I still kind of am today). Here's what went down over the last weekend!

Pat + Ian || Burger steak, pineapple juice + peach mango pie
July 4

For the first time in the three years since I've moved back to the US, I did nothing on the 4th of July! I basically just spent the day being mostly a couch potato, reading, talking to my mom and playing Nancy Drew on the computer. My friends Pat + Ian convinced me to go out for a little bit, which resulted in an iced chai tea latte (for me!) and a quick dinner with Danica at Jollibee in Queens. When we got home, we all relaxed a little before Ian made some burger-meatball hybrid that was utterly delicious. We could also see/hear fireworks from our little apartment, which was quite nice!

Nancy Drew! ||  (L-R) Ruth, me, Danica, Cindy, Brittany, Jay + Lemeki at Maharlika
July 5

If I thought I was lazy on July 4, I was even lazier on July 5. I basically woke up really late, read a book or two, went to grab some Dunkin Donuts and then played more Nancy Drew. I spoke with my mom a bit as well! My friend Danica had decided to have her birthday dinner that night, so I ended up traipsing to the city (in spite of the heat) to meet up with her and our other friends Ruth, Cindy, Brittany, Lemeki + Jay. We ended up having a nice dinner at Maharlika, a place that serves Filipino cuisine in the city. It was my first time there, so I ordered a classic - tapsilog! It was delicious, and you can bet I'll be back soon for another visit!

Triple cheese omelet || Banana split waffles || Strawberry + chantilly waffles
the awesome stage design || Rachel + I
Sweet cream + cookies ice cream from Ben & Jerry's
July 6

For months now, Rachel and I have been anticipating this day. We met up for a quick brunch at Petit Abeille, where we had yummy waffles + an omelet to share. (You might recognize this place from when I went here with Estelle, Jamie + Vi!) This was followed by a quick jaunt to Barnes & Noble Union Square, where we worked on a blogging project and indulged in a bit of shopping. (In case you were wondering, I got the following books: a paperback copy of For Darkness Shows the Stars, The Distance Between Us and How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True). 

Then it was time for Matilda! I've been excited to see the show since I first heard it was going to be on Broadway. Matilda is my favorite Roald Dahl book, and some of my best childhood memories are attached to it. I remember constantly eating orange popsicles while I hid out under the desk in our kitchen and read the book over and over again. I used to read it at least once a week! I was also obsessed with the movie, and still watch it whenever I find it on TV. 

I'm happy to report that the musical is delightful! The characters were definitely brought to life in a way that's familiar and new at the same time, and I'm particularly fond of Matilda and Trunchbull. I loved the set, and how they brought certain scenes to life! I also liked how they made the stage production very different from the book or movie, which gave it a life of its own. The children in the cast are so very talented; I was really amazed at how professional they were in playing their roles! It's so worth watching, and I'd gladly go again.


  1. All the food in this post just makes me drool. It looks amazing!! Your weekend looks awesome, and yeah, sometimes we just need a lazy weekend. Nothing wrong with that. :)

  2. I really wish there was a place in Dallas that served Filipino food. That would just make my life. Also, Nancy Drew computer games?! I'm excited that you play those, because I absolutely love those games, haha.

  3. ALEXA. I did not know you play the Nancy Drew computer games! I own them all, and have beaten all but about 4 of them! There's a website called herinteractive.com, which is the official Nancy Drew game website. There's boards you can go to and ask for help, and there used to be chat boards where all the teens could chat. That was where my internet life began, on those chat boards. I've never met anyone else who plays them! Hehe.

  4. Ah I so need to check out these Nancy Drew computer games! My friend has been raving about them to me and they just look so amazing!
    Whoo! Matilda! She was my hero when I was little, though I guess she was every girl bookworm's hero. ;) I always wanted to be her hahaha. I'm glad the musical was awesome!
    And oh my gosh...that cookies and cream ice-cream. *dies* *grabby hands* *licks computer screen* Gahhhhhh.

  5. I didn't know there were Nancy Drew computer games! I'm kinda tempted to check them out except I don't need to get addicted lol. This past Saturday was so much fun! Brunch was delicious, thinking about us at B&N makes me giggle and Matilda was AMAZING. We need more days like that :)

  6. SO MUCH YUMMY FOODS! It's only 9:12AM, and I want an ice cream cone...baaadly!

  7. YOU WENT TO SEE MATILDA ON BROADWAY?!?! Ugh, SO JEALOUS. I am SUCH a musical theatre nerd yet I have never been to New York to see a show on the great white way. Someday I will though!

    Oh and those Nancy Drew computer games are SO fun. :D

    Julia @ That Hapa Chick

  8. Omg, I used to play those Nancy Drew games all the time!! There must be a bunch of new ones now. I definitely need to look into it. =)

    Glad you had such a fun, relaxing holiday weekend! =)

  9. Sounds like it was a lovely break for you! My mom and I play the Nancy Drew games, too! We just finished Ghost of Thornton Hall- plenty of fun creepy bits. Best if played in a dark and quiet house. ^.^

  10. Yay, I'm so glad that you liked Matilda! I loved it. The set was amazing, and the children. Talk about talent. I also loved Matilda (I had Oona Laurence) and Miss Trunchbull and Mr. Wormword. Plus I got to see Ryan Steele! He's such an amazing dancer.

  11. What a great weekend! I missed out on seeing Matilda while in the US, I hope it comes to Aus!

  12. Ahh I want to see Matilda on broadway!!!! I've seen a couple broadway shows but considering my close proximity I really should see more! And I too have so many childhood memories attached to Matilda! Glad you had a wonderful 4 day weekend :)

  13. I had a three day workweek too-it was so nice although I wish I had been a bit more productive. At least I had fun! So cool that you got to see Matilda-I love the book and film and think it's neat that it's a musical.


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