July 9, 2013

Elemental, Fearless & Breathless - Brigid Kemmerer

Elemental / Fearless / Breathless by Brigid Kemmerer
Series: Elemental #0.5 / Elemental #1.5 / Elemental #2.5
Publisher: K Teen (Kensington)
Publication Date: March 27, 2012 / July 1, 2012 / April 30, 2013
Source/Format: Bought for Kindle; Netgalley (Thanks Kensington!) || Kindle e-books; e-galley
[I received Breathless from the publisher. This in no way affects the thoughts expressed in my review.]

I can’t believe it took me this long to continue reading the Elemental series. It was a grave error in judgment on my part, as I do love this series, particularly the Merrick brothers and the fact that they’re elementals. As you can tell from my Stormreview, I really liked the first novel in this seriesI basically agree with everything I said so long ago, so there’s no need for me to rehash my affection for Chris and Becca’s story. Instead, I’m going to tackle the three novellas that are currently out – Elemental (#0.5), Fearless (#1.5) and Breathless (#2.5) – in this set of mini-reviews.

These novellas are meant to be read in tandem with the series. Each one provides a glimpse into the lives of some of the more minor players in the actual novels, which is great for us fans of the series! They’re complete stories, but stories that capture a snapshot of each chosen character’s life. I thoroughly enjoyed them, as they certainly changed how I viewed these characters.

Elemental is the first of the novellas, and also an excellent introduction to Michael Merrick, the eldest of the siblings. We don’t see too much of Michael in Storm, so it was nice to get a glimpse of who he was at a younger age. He’s slightly more rebellious, and definitely more relaxed. There are, however, glimpses of his stubbornness and his determination to do the right thing too. In fact, it’s fairly easy to see how one could become attracted to Michael after reading this! The novella ends on a pivotal moment in Michael’s life, a moment that significantly shapes who he becomes in Storm

Fearless is the second novella, and this time we get a better grasp on who Hunter Garrity. Hunter isn’t one of the brothers, obviously, but he’s a fascinating one that pops up in Storm. The novella also gives us a glimpse into Hunter’s past, particularly an important set of moments that leave a deep imprint on him. Hunter is extremely vulnerable and idealistic in this novel, skilled in defending himself but also quick to let his guard down. Out of all the novellas, I think I was most unprepared for this one and so, was deeply affected by it. Hunter is guarded for a reason – and this novella shows us why.

Breathless is the third novella I’ve read, and Nick Merrick is the star of the show this time around. Now, Nick has been a favorite for me since the first book, so you can imagine how eager I was to get my hands on this one. My level of anticipation was completely surpassed by the level of surprise that engulfed me as I read this. I didn’t know what to expect from this one, but I don’t think I ever saw it coming! It’s definitely a shock to the system, but I actually think it’s a good one. My affection for Nick is as strong as ever, and I still want him to be the main character in one of the actual novels!

These novellas were a delightful experience for me, as I liked learning more about Michael, Hunter and Nick. Armed with this additional knowledge of their experiences, I am eagerly anticipating diving into Spirit and being reunited with them and the rest of the characters. If you’re a fan of the Elemental series, I highly recommend reading the novellas.


  1. One word - BREATHLESS. Wow. I still remember reading it and thinking that you needed to read it ASAP so I could text you. I can't wait for the next Elemental book. I'm hoping it's from Nick's POV :)

  2. I seriously need to read these books and the novellas.

  3. Oh, Michael Merrick. Mmm. :) DEFINITELY can't wait for his book!

    Breathless FLOORED me. I hadn't expected that one bit. I'm hoping to get a chance soon to re-read the series & see if there were any hints or clues that would foreshadow it.

  4. I totally agree about Fearless. I really liked Hunter's novella overall, though I was also quite unprepared for it. I don't think I ever saw the revelation about Nick's character coming either (not until I had read the book description at least), but it made sense in retrospection. I'm glad you enjoyed reading these, Alexa! This series is one of my favourites, too. :)

  5. Omg I so have to continue with this series and its novellas! I love the Merrick brothers and I adored book 1 and 2 but never read any of these! shame on me! I really am curious about Hunter's novella the most I love his character even though most apparently didn't which is odd to me but whatev! haha. I don't read novellas often but when it's a in a series I adore that is highly character oriented like this one I love getting extra glimpses into the characters!

  6. I keep seeing all these books on my library's Overdrive and I never knew which one I was supposed to read first. Now, after this review I see I need to read Storm first, I think that one is still available.


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