October 22, 2011

Finding Your Prince Charming • A Royal Match

A Royal Match book cover
A Royal Match by Tyne O'Connell
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's
Publication Date: February 15, 2011
Source/Format: Bought || Paperback

Calypso Kelly is known as the 'American freak' at her British boarding school, St. Augustine's, so this year she's armed with a plan to become popular: a very hot, very imaginary boyfriend back home in LA. Once she sets her plan in motion, Calypso is shocked at how easily she joins the inner circle of Britain's most elite girls. And though her popularity comes with a price... it also comes with a prince. After an event with the nearby boys' school, Calypso starts getting texts - and fancy royal letters - from heir to the throne Prince Freddie! Not everyone is so thrilled with the idea of an American girl dating the prince of England though - especially when a photo of Calypso kissing Prince Freddie winds up in the tabloids. It will take some quick thinking (and a safety pin) to save her reputation and her royal romance...

A Royal Match was a quick, charming read that I breezed through in about four hours. It combined many of my favorite elements - London, British culture, boarding school, pranks and other hijinks, fun female characters and swoon-worthy male characters - so it's really not a surprise that I genuinely enjoyed it. 

It was really a whole lot of fun to read about the crazy things that Calypso, Star, Georgina and their other friends got up to at St. Augustine's (although I didn't really personally approve of all the focus on pulling boys, drinking and drugs). It's always cool to read about the shenanigans that a group of friends get up to, because it always serves to remind me of the joys of having such a tight-knit group of friends.  As for the romance bit, well, there are only a few very notable encounters with the boys in question in the novel, which I thought was a bit of a waste. However, I do think I got a good read on part of their characters and so, I can safely say that I have a soft spot for both Freddie and Billy. 

A Royal Match was a light read, a deliciously funny and entertaining one at that, and I really liked it.


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  2. This book sounds like a great read! Now I will be looking for it!

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  4. I love the sound of this book - thank you for bringing it to my attention. Now on my wish list :-)

  5. I bought this for 1.50 on Amazon, brand new! Like... not Amazon marketplace. Amazon itself. I was so excited to find it for so cheap! And I'm glad you loved it! It makes my purchase even more exciting!

    1. I can't believe you found it for $1.50! It's a pretty fun, light read :)


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