September 14, 2021

Book Review: Devil in Disguise

I've had an overall positive experience reading The Ravenels historical romance series from Lisa Kleypas, but the latest installment Devil in Disguise is by far one of my favorites! In this novel, romance blossoms between Merritt Sterling, a widow who has taken charge of her husband's shipping company, and Keir MacRae, a Scottish whiskey distiller. But before they can properly figure out what to do about their undeniable chemistry, a secret is revealed that puts a target on Keir's back. Will they be able to find a way to overcome the threat and be together?

I really enjoyed Devil in Disguise! I don't read a ton of historical romances these days, but I can always count on Lisa Kleypas to write charming, lovely love stories that are all too easy for me to devour. In this particular case, the main couple played a large part in winning my favor, as I adored both Merritt and Keir. They have such similar personalities: strong-willed individuals who care deeply for those they love and will do what they believe is best to protect them. Merritt's independent nature, stubbornness and charm; Keir's hardworking, kind and outdoorsy nature; both of them were just so appealing, and it's unsurprising that I was invested in their romance immediately. The actual tale incorporates some typical historical romance tropes, but I didn't mind that all that much! It was still so fun to watch everything play out, and I was certainly entertained from start to finish. Throw in some great character cameos (from both this series and the Wallflowers series), a touch of banter and flirtation, a moment or two of vulnerability and softness and you'll end up with the perfect combination of what I personally enjoy in a romance.  

The one aspect of this book that I didn't love (although I didn't completely dislike it either) came in at the very end. There's a detail to the way things wrap up for our main couple that just didn't feel like it was a necessary addition, and I genuinely could have done without it. Still, because I just wanted Merritt and Keir to be happy, I'm not against it either, so make of that what you will!

Devil in Disguise is easily one of the standouts in The Ravenels series. (Side note, I do find it funny that it's considered part of this series when the main cast doesn't include any Ravenel family members.) It was a great addition to this series (or maybe it's universe at this point, since one might argue that you can consider the Ravenels + the Wallflowers as a group). Just thinking about Devil in Disguise puts a smile on my face, and I can definitely recommend picking it up!

Devil in Disguise by Lisa Kleypas | Series: The Ravenels #7
Publisher: Avon | Publication Date: July 27, 2021
Source: e-galley received from the publisher via NetGalley


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