August 31, 2021

June, July + August 2021

Summer has always been my favorite season! While I'm not a fan of being overly warm (especially this year, as we've had a couple of heat waves in the last few months), I do live for a brilliantly sunny day that just seems to go on for ages, for summer sunsets that intensely paint the sky in such lovely shades and the summer evenings and weekends where possibilities abound. After completing the vaccination process in May, it was really nice to feel more comfortable being out and about... especially with everything slowly reopening (with safety standards in place, of course)! It's no surprise that I, my family and my friends definitely decided to take advantage of the warmer weather to do all of the things.

Plenty of quality time with the New York fam, especially with our newest addition. Walks and picnics in Central Park. A visit to the Harry Potter Store, to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, Little Island, New York Aquarium, American Museum of Natural History, the SeaGlass Carousel, a Citrovia NYC installation and not one, but two Van Gogh Experiences. A day at Sojo Spa just getting some R&R. Tea at the Palm Court at the Plaza and a potion making experience at The Cauldron NYC.Monthly breakfast dates with Rachel, and days off for our birthdays spent together (including visiting Paintbox after so long without going). Monthly brunch and bookstore (and dessert) dates with Rachel, Kristin and DJ, a tradition I've sorely missed (including one French-inspired Saturday, and one Nap Dress Summer day!). A day out at the beach, which was one of the best beach days I've ever had. Rainy days at home, curling up with a book (or fan fic) (or watching an anime). Not to mention the countless summer sunsets, long drives and long walks that have added a magical quality to the season. 

This year's summer has been so lovely, and I'm so, so grateful for it all.


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