April 30, 2021

April 2021

April felt like a whirlwind, but in a good way, which is something I really needed after last month. Outside of me perking up because the weather is getting warmer (though my seasonal allergies have returned in full force), the biggest thing that happened this month is that I got my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine! I know I'm very lucky to be able to get vaccinated so soon, and I definitely don't take it for granted. Apart from that, the month was filled with the usual: virtual family and birthday hangouts, game nights, exciting media releases (Fearless (Taylor's Version), My Hero Academia S5 and Shadow and Bone being the most exciting to me of the ones I indulged in!), my monthly hangout with Rachel and Kristin, this blog turning 10 (!), quality time with friends, and lots of birthdays (Mela, my mom-in-law, my Lola Aida, my dad-in-law, Macky & Mel). It's been a lovely month, and I'm so grateful!

I managed to read a little more than I did last month, with my final tally sitting at 15 books (and possibly, this will actually be 16 since I'm hoping to finish one more today)! Of the titles I read, my favorites were Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet (an emotional YA contemporary about two teens figuring some important things out for themselves),  Stamped from the Beginning (a nonfiction title tracing the history of anti-Black racist ideas in the US), People We Meet on Vacation (a friends to lovers romance with a travel aspect woven in), King of Scars and Rule of Wolves (a reread of the first book and a deep dive into the second book in the Grishaverse series about Nikolai Lantsov), The House in the Cerulean Sea (so wholesome and wonderful and felt like a Pixar film in a book) and Dial A for Aunties (the hilarious story of a young woman who has to call on her mom and aunties for help when she accidentally kills her blind date, only for shenanigans to ensue). 

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  1. So glad we got to resume hanging out in person last month!! And I'm also so grateful we've both been able to get vaccinated!


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