September 25, 2020

Book Review: A Princess in Theory (Reluctant Royals #1)

I'm coming to this series so much later than majority of the online book community, but I still wanted to share my thoughts on A Princess in Theory in the off chance that there are some of you who haven't yet picked up this series starter. This novel is the first in the Reluctant Royals series from Alyssa Cole. Our heroine is Naledi Smith, a grad student who is fiercely independent, juggling her fair share of responsibilities and has no time to do anything but delete the email spam she's getting telling her she's engaged to an African prince. Our hero? Thabiso, the very much real prince of Thesolo that Naledi is betrothed to, and a young man unable to resist experiencing real life (and love) without the burden of his crown. Their chemistry is undeniable and sparks fly between the pair, but when the truth comes out, will it get in the way of their happily ever after?

A Princess in Theory was very much the book I needed at the time that I picked it up. I was in search of a story that would be a fun escape from reality and that was guaranteed to have a happy ending, and this delivered on both counts. I enjoyed getting to know Naledi, who is a smart, capable, gal who knows her own mind and will put in the work to achieve her goals. I also enjoyed meeting Thabiso, who is earnest, goodhearted and more than a match for his betrothed (and who, admittedly, made me think of T'challa from the MCU - rest in power, Chadwick Boseman). It was sweet to watch their relationship blossom, especially with the undeniable chemistry between them right from the start. Like any good romance too, there were hijinks and heartbreaks along their way to their happy ending, and a secondary cast of characters who I thought were equally enjoyable (and I'm excited for the other books in the series featuring them).

All I'm saying really is that A Princess in Theory delighted me just as much as I expected. I'm glad I finally decided to start the series this year, and I'm certainly planning on checking out the rest.

Pub Info: February 27, 2018 by Avon | Add it on Goodreads | Buy the book!


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