March 18, 2019

A Tiny House Adventure

It’s been a couple of weeks since my sisters, Macky and I ventured upstate, but I still wanted to tell you all about our little adventure! We had been planning a fun weekend away for Rachel’s birthday, initially tossing around the idea of going up to a cabin or to a resort where we could snowboard. But, in the end, we settled on visiting a tiny house for a night out of the city. (Side note: Majority of these photos were taken by Rachel!)

Personally, I’ve always found the concept of tiny houses so fascinating. While I have entirely too many books to fathom living in such a small space (unless I were given a separate tiny house just for a home office and my library), I’ve always liked the idea of being smart about utilizing your square footage and living with less. I was so excited when we booked the tiny house for a night, because I wanted to see how the experience would live up to my expectations.

We booked a stay at A Tiny House Resort, which is a little under two hours upstate from the city. It’s a family-owned resort, run by Bob, Marjorie & Melissa, and you can immediately sense that when you check in. They keep a simple set-up, with all the amenities and features listed for you upon check-in (the little shop, where to get firewood, what you can see around the resort). You’ll then be taken to your Tiny House for your stay, where they’ll walk you through everything (security and utilities, as well as surroundings and words of caution) before they leave you to do your own thing. 

The Tiny House we stayed at (known as “The Flat”) was an utter delight! We had an excellent view of the river, as well as the amenities for a barbecue and fire pit on hand. The actual house was such a striking structure, and I’m obsessed with the exterior design. And I’m even more obsessed with the interior! There’s a separate bedroom (with so many windows that your girl, who loves natural light, was overwhelmed) that Macky and I took, a living room/entertainment area, a dining table, a kitchen, a full bathroom and another sleeping area up top (you had to climb a ladder to get to it). Even with four of us sharing the space during our stay, we were incredibly comfortable and had just enough room to maneuver around without crowding each other.

Once we had unloaded all our stuff, we decided to go exploring. The resort area is lovely, primarily populated by tall trees, and you can follow the road to see the waterfall (either from up top or from below) and view the river up close. You can also visit some of the animals on the resort, specifically the goats and ducks. We had arrived just in time for golden hour, so it was a lovely time for a walk to look around!

As night fell, we got cozy in our Tiny House. We had a delicious dinner before going outside to have s’mores (which only lasted for a little while because it was so. dang. Cold.), and then retreated indoors for drinks and many, many rounds of Codenames and Pictionary that had us laughing late into the night. I woke up early enough to catch a bit of the sunrise (which is always a real treat), and then we all chipped in to create a delicious looking brunch spread (Rachel’s request for her pre-birthday) before heading out on a last morning walk before checkout.

All in all, our Tiny House experience was truly lovely! It’s always wonderful to get out of the city for a little bit, to just breathe it all in, relax and unwind from the day-to-day stress of the work grind and city life. But it was especially nice to do it somewhere that was so beautiful and cozy! We loved “The Flat”, and we want to go back for another visit sometime this year. Would highly recommend the Tiny House experience (and this resort)!


  1. Ah this is great! I'll have to look into this resort. My boyfriend is obsessed with tiny houses and I currently have no desire to live in one, so this is a good option ;)

  2. This is just the cutest! I love seeing all of the photos from your amazing weekend getaway!


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