January 11, 2019

One Word for 2019 + Seven Resolutions

While I know that this practice isn't necessarily for everyone, I've found that choosing a word to focus on (and make my choices) for the year to come is something that does work for me. It is often the word I fall back on when I'm trying to decide something or find the motivation to do something, and I think it genuinely really works to help with both scenarios! It took me a little while to decide what I wanted my focus word to be for 2019, but I finally set my heart on create.

It's time, readers. I've been feeling the itch to just make things lately, whether that involves getting crafty with my presents or penning fan fics or writing full novels. I want to try my hand at new activities (like lettering and painting), return to some old hobbies (scrapbooks and cross-stitch) and encourage myself to embrace the freedom to write (whatever I want and however I'd like to). It'd be nice to end 2019 with some new projects completed under my belt, but what's truly important to me is that I'm able to entertain and embrace the spirit of creation wholeheartedly again. It's definitely something I'm eager to embrace as the year goes on, and I can't wait to see where it takes me!

I wanted to take the time to share seven of my resolutions for 2019 today too. It's always extra motivation to me to have to hold myself publicly accountable! Plus, it's even nicer to get shows of moral support for my goals or to find out I share them with some of you. These are primarily bookish, with just two that fall outside of that category. 

1. Continue Project Read or Die. I decided to make it a point to read more of the books I actually own last year, and it's actually been working out really well. I didn't quite make it to the goal I'd set for myself but I did see it have an impact on my reading choices and TBR, and I'd like that to continue on into 2019. I did add a new parameter to this (where anything I purchase in 2019 will not count towards this project the way it did last year), but otherwise, the basic set-up is the same.

2. Read 6 classics. Kristin and I actually had this as part of our goals for last year, but we both agreed we were certainly overambitious in assuming we could tackle one a month. We both still want to read more classics, however, so we decided to keep this goal but lower the total number to 6. That means we'll be reading 1 classic every 2 months, which I certainly think it's very doable!

3. Finish 3 series. I would name the exact series I'd like to complete this year (oh goodness, let it be this year, please!), but I realized belatedly that it actually doesn't matter what series I complete as long as I complete three. Barring my favorite series that I read without fail as soon as the next one comes out, I am notorious for not keeping up with series (even completed ones) these days. So, this is my effort to change that habit!

4. Reread. I originally had this written down as "reread three series", but I've ultimately decided that I'll just be happy if I reread as many books this year as I did in 2018 (29, in case you were wondering!). It's always fun to experience some of my favorite stories all over again, and to discover whether they still hold up (they did in 2018!) to my feelings for them originally.

5. Read 3 nonfiction books.  My sister Rachel is largely a non-fiction reader (and she may have a post coming up soon with some of the ones she's read - stay tuned!), and that's really inspired me to consider reading more too! I have a couple already on my list, but I'd love to get your recommendations if you've got any.

6. Finish 3 anime shows. Just to clarify, by "finish", I both mean actually finishing completed series and catching up to the most current episodes in ongoing series. I'm actually quite close to catching up on My Hero Academia, so this is going to be a very doable goal, in my opinion. (It doesn't mean I'll ever run out of shows to watch though.)

7. Finish 3 games. I have a lot of unfinished video games that I'd like to finish this year! I'm really prioritizing Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! at the moment (and I'm not far from finishing this one), Octopath Traveler (which I'm very early on in) and Kingdom Hearts III (the one new video game release that I will drop everything for, really). But if there are other games that cross my radar that I want to play, you can bet that I'll be ready to give them a shot!

What are your resolutions or goals for 2019? 
Are you the type to pick one word for the year too? If you are, what word did you pick?


  1. These are all amazing goals and I have no doubt that you'll achieve each and every one<3 I really have to catch up on Kingdom Hearts!

  2. YAY! I love all your resolutions for this year. Best of luck getting all of them done :D You can do it. <3 And gosh, I love having the word create as your word for this year. I hope you are able to create a lot this year lovely :)


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