September 28, 2018

Autumn Essentials

I absolutely like autumn. It's my second favorite of all the seasons (though it's really not that far off from how I feel about summertime), both for the actual weather and for all of the things it brings into my life. I adore the cooler temperatures (especially after the crazy heat we've been having), the colorful foliage and the change in my wardrobe and activities. I'm sharing a few of my autumn essentials today! (Don't forget to check out Rachel's autumn essentials today too.)

Plaid shirts | When autumn officially kicks in, I officially bring out all the plaid that I own. It just matches the aesthetic of the season to me personally, and I love having something in constant rotation that makes it easy to dress up. I'm planning to grab more from Uniqlo this year! (1)

Scarves | I tend to wear more accessories when the weather gets cooler, and scarves are a favorite! I like all sorts of textures and patterns. I also like when I can use the scarves as accessories in multiple ways (like hair, neck and bags)! (1, 2)

Cardigans | This is a wardrobe staple for me year-round, because it's a good way to stay comfortably warm in cooler temperatures. I only own two at the moment, but I need to get more fuzzy ones (particularly in cream) for the season. (1)

Beanies | I don't wear a ton of hats, but I do love having a beanie as an accessory. It's comfortable, it works with any hair length, it can keep my head warm and it can be such a fun pop of color (especially since I tend to wear very monochromatic outfits in general). (1, 2)

Leggings | I also consider this a staple in my wardrobe year-round, but my leggings usually come into rotation very heavily in autumn. I tend to gravitate towards plain black leggings due to my personal taste, and I just find that they go with everything. (1)

Combat boots | I usually wear out my boots in autumn because I wear them with every outfit. I actually am looking forward to breaking in a new pair this year because last year's pair pretty much fell apart at the end of the year. I prefer a comfortable black pair with a slight heel that looks good with leggings, tights and jeans! (1)

Sweatshirts | I'm all about cute and comfortable when it comes to what I wear, and sweatshirts totally fit the bill. I'm pretty obsessed with grabbing fandom sweatshirts or ones with cute slogans! While I normally wear these when I'm traveling or running errands, I like to make sure they're also cute enough for me to wear on a regular day out too. (1, 2)

Candles | I love candles all year-round (and yes, that means even during the summer season). They just lend more atmosphere to any room and they make said room smell great. I'm always excited when the temperatures drop because it just means that my candles end up creating an even better ambiance and see even more use than during the spring and summer. (1, 2, 3) (P.S. If you're going to shop at Canterbury Road Co, please use ALEXA17 in order to get 17% off!)

Notebooks | The turn of the season from summer to autumn always makes me think of going back to school, even though it's been years since I've actually been in school. I love acquiring new notebooks, and I usually go for ones that have motivational quotes or adorable prints. (I probably shouldn't get more, seeing as how I have a number stored in a box right now, but.... how can I resist?) (1, 2)

Apple cider donuts | I absolutely adore these donuts. You guys, I cannot even overestimate how much I love them. They're so good. They're so delicious. They're seriously my favorite seasonal snack, and I would highly recommend getting some for yourself too!

What are your autumn essentials?
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  1. So much awesome autumn clothes and things :D I hope you had the very best autumn love. <3


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