September 24, 2018

Alexa's Adventures #11 | Anime Day + Boston Teen Author Festival

Even before the month started, I already knew September was going to be filled with a ton of fun events! True enough, I've barely had time to sit on my laurels (both when it comes to actual work and to the fun stuff), but I wouldn't have it any other way. (Okay, maybe I would like work to calm down just a teensy bit...). Here are a few fun things that happened over the last two weeks!

Anime Day
We basically dubbed September 15 as 'anime day' when Kristin and I learned that Rachel hadn't yet watched Kimi No Nawa (Your Name) and we decided that needed to be remedied. Our plans ended up including a morning visit to Golden Unicorn to grab some dimsum, Milk and Cream Bar for some ice cream and walking a bit around New York before we settled in at Kristin's to watch the anime. Unsurprisingly, I am still obsessed with this anime, y'all, and would totally recommend checking it out for yourself if you haven't see it yet.

Boston Teen Author Festival
Months ago, Rachel & I had made plans to head up to Boston for an overnight trip so that we could attend the Boston Teen Author Festival. While we had come primarily to meet Adrienne Young, author of Sky in the Deep, we also both got to see a lot of our other favorite authors, eat some real good food (waffles from Zinneken's and ice cream from J.P. Licks) and have quality friend time with each other and DJ. I'd like to take a moment to say that the staff and volunteers were super helpful and everything was run really well! I'd definitely consider going back to attend the festival again in the future.

- I got to attend the launch party for Kerri Maniscalco's Escaping from Houdini. Kristin and I knew we were definitely going to be at this event when it was announced because we both adore the books and Kerri! It was a real treat to hear her talk more about her process, her characters and just to see Kerri and snag a signed copy of the book too. I can't wait to read it!
- My sister and I had a fun day out in the city. My sister Rachel & I visited Bocaphe, Kith Treats and Bluestone Lane Coffee for some delicious food, and we also popped in and out of a couple of shops to window shop for new clothes and shows. It was a lovely, relaxing day and the weather was perfect too!


  1. OMG, looks like loads of fun with your friends!! The dim sum and ice cream look divine!! It also sounds like you had fun attending various bookish events as well.

  2. Ahh, all of this sounds like it was SO MUCH FUN :D Thrilled you had a gread time love. <3 YAY for anime day :D It sounds like the most fun. Sigh.


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