July 19, 2018

Tunes & Tales 2.0 | June 2018

Back in the day, Tunes and Tales was a series I enjoyed featuring some of my favorite albums alongside books each song reminded me of, but it ultimately ended up having an expiration date as I don't fall head over heels in love with a lot of albums in their entirety. Anyway, I've decided to tackle this feature in a slightly different way going forward. I'll be sharing my five songs on repeat for each month, each paired with a relevant read, and including a link to my monthly playlist on Spotify (as I'm constantly adding to it up until the very last day). Happy reading and listening, friends!

Song: Queen by Shawn Mendes
Book: The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton
Lyrics: "Who crowned you queen of/You think you're too cool/Making beautiful look ugly/The way you put yourself above me/You treat me like I got nothing on you/Making beautiful look ugly/You ain't the ruler of my country/Who made you the queen?"

Alexa's Thoughts: I really enjoyed this novel when I read it earlier this year! It was delightful in all its descriptions of beautiful and delicious things, for one thing. But it was also compelling in its exploration of the power that beauty can give you in this particular setting, as well as the politics going on behind the scenes of the court. The vibe I got from the rivalries and power plays explored definitely made me think of this song!

Song: Just Thought You Should Know by Betty Who
Book: Love Story by Lauren Layne
Lyrics: "I can still feel you/You're everywhere/I can taste your lips/Hear your voice in my head/And I know that I should shut my mouth/And just hang up the phone/But I still want you/I just thought you should know"

Alexa's Thoughts: I finally had the chance to read a couple more of Lauren Layne books, and unsurprisingly, I enjoyed them. I found this one really enjoyable because 1) it's a second chance romance and 2) the love interest is the older brother's best friend. Even though I did find a few things frustrating about the overall book, I still think it's a romance worth checking it out.

Song:  Pioneers by For King and Country
Book: Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson
Lyrics: "Let's be pioneers/And we'll build our home/In the great unknown"

Alexa's Thoughts: I fell in love with the way this song sounded when I first heard it, and the first book that popped into my head was this one! I haven't read the rest of this series (and don't particularly feel the need to urge to, as the first is like a standalone to me), but I definitely thought Carson's portrayal of the pioneer journey was so well done. 

Song: Lately by Noah Cyrus and Tanner Alexander
Book: Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne
Lyrics: "I can't seem to find my peace of mind/But lately, I still tell myself you're mine/And I couldn't ask for more/The first time, not the last time I saw you/I would hold you closer but I know/The more I pull, the more you let go/And I can't say you be the same/The first time, not the last time I saw you/So I won't hold you too close/I had to fold now, it's your move"

Alexa's Thoughts: I already mentioned Lauren Layne earlier, but I just had to include another title of hers because it was too perfect not too. I really liked this novel (it ties with Blurred Lines as my favorite of hers), and I think that these lyrics are perfectly descriptive of Andrew and Georgiana. 

Song: Wait 'Til You See What's Next by Jason Robert Brown
Book: The Other Side of Lost by Jessi Kirby
Lyrics: "Monday comes, and it feels like the end of the line/There's nothing to say, there's nowhere to go/There's no one to listen/Monday comes, I decide to reclaim what is mine/In spite of myself, I'm dying to know/What's across the road? What's behind the wall? What's around the corner? And what will it take 'til I find my way? Will it be today? Will it be too late? Wait 'til you see what's next"

Alexa's Thoughts: I absolutely loved The Other Side of Lost. It's compelling in its portrayal of one girl's experience on the John Muir Trail, but it's also of the same girl figuring things out for herself. It seemed fitting to pair this tune with it, as the song is all about discovering what will happen next in your life.

If you're interested in seeing what else made it onto my June playlist, you can check it out on Spotify or use the player below to give it a listen. What songs do you have on repeat?


  1. This is such a cool idea, two of the things I love the most. Going to have a think what songs will fit when I next read a book.

  2. I LOVE Shawn Mendes, so I'm glad you picked Queen! This is a super fun idea, but I feel like I couldn't do it because I only listen to the same album for weeks straight.

  3. Love all the songs you put together with books :D Especially for Walk on Earth a Stranger; loved the lyrics with it. <3 You listen to so much music :D


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