July 20, 2018

Summer Essentials

I'm very late on this Summer Essentials post, as it was supposed to go up on July 2 But between Macky getting sick (poor thing has a summer cold), the air conditioner breaking down in my office (it's like being in a sauna) and having a busy past few weeks, I wasn't able to finish getting this one ready in time. Still, I wanted to be able to share my essentials with you guys, particularly because it's my favorite season (and that's despite all the shenanigans I just mentioned)!

Summer has always been my favorite season, and not just because I grew up in a tropical country where similar weather was pretty much the norm. It's the time of year I look forward to the most, and when I feel the most energized about life and doing all the things. I savor the sunshine and longer days, and I go all out in embracing the warmer weather. Since summer is one of our favorite seasons, Rachel and I decided it would make sense to call these posts summer essentials instead of a survival kit like the past two seasons (PS - don't forget to check out Rachel's summer essentials too!)

Lip balm | I'm going to group these two items together, as I tend to alternate between them on any given day. They serve two purposes - extra moisture for my lips (which are often dry after long exposure to the sun or the air conditioning indoors) and a little pop of color. I have the Birthday and Mint varieties of Glossier's Balm Dotcom in rotation for this year.

Nail polish | I tend to be lazy about doing my nails unless it's summertime, which is likely because I wear more open-toe shoes and because I feel 'brighter' in spirits during the season. I tend to go for bright pops of color for my fingers, while I stick to neutrals for my toes. It was thanks to Rachel that I discovered Essie's treat love & color line (a-game, see the light and indi-go for it are perfect summer shades)! But I also ended up treating myself to a manicure at Paintbox and I loved that so much that I've already scheduled my next visit.

Sunscreen | I'm still terrible at remembering to lather it on my arms and legs on a daily basis, but I'm definitely pretty good about keeping up with using it on my face! I've always had very sensitive skin in general, and I burn easily, so having sunscreen on hand is definitely important during this season. When I visited London earlier this year, I brought over a couple of Supergoop Mists as a treat. It was my first time trying this product, but I really liked it a lot!

Sunglasses | I've amassed a sizable collection of sunglasses that I like to rotate during the summertime. They're a great little accessory to add to my summer wardrobe, as well as serving the purpose of protecting my eyes from the intensity of the summer sunlight. I really like the style of these Master of Sun sunglasses and Quay Starstruck Sunglasses, as they are both very similar to pairs that I already own.

Dresses | I tend to favor dresses during the summer, especially since they can easily be transitioned from work to play. I've accumulated a number of new ones for this season, which is always fun! This navy blue dress with white accent stripes, sunflower print dress and blue and white striped dress are the most recent additions to my closet.

Shorts | It's been a little while since I've found a pair of shorts that I really like. I've finally acquired two new ones that I love, and that both offer the things I wanted - a comfortable fit around the waist and a little more length. I got a black pair and a denim pair to add to my collection!

Slip-ons | Apart from my usual flats and sneakers, I gravitate towards slip-on shoes in the summer. I'm so in love with this cool pair from Target (which are the perfect beach shoes, and just comfortable in general) and this pretty pair from Toms (which I think are so lovely and are super comfy too!)

Straw bag | I'm a fan of using smaller bags to accessorize my weekend outfits (though I still lean towards my backpacks and purses for the office), and this new straw bag is my favorite. It's bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside, and I really love it!

Ice cream | Honestly, ice cream is great at any time of the year but it's especially perfect on those long, hot summer days in the city. I'm excited to go on more ice cream outings with my ice cream buddies, especially since there are so many new places (and variants) to try.

Iced lattes| Even when the weather was still a little cooler, I started gravitating towards iced coffee in general. I've developed a new love for iced lattes thanks to my sister Rachel, who is the one who got me started ordering them. I haven't looked back since, and I think this might actually turn into a year-round obsession...

What are your summer essentials?
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  1. This post is awesome :D Yay for great summer essentials. <3 Gosh, how I wish we had a more warmer summer too. Hope summer was the best for you love :)


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