October 13, 2017

Creating a Capsule Library

I'm really excited to share this post with all of you! My lovely friend Hannah of So Obsessed With came up with this brilliant idea, and I'm so honored she asked me and our other friends Kelly of Belle of the Literati and Rachel of Hello, Chelly to be a part of it! The idea of a capsule library is inspired by the capsule wardrobe concept, which refers to a limited collection of clothing staples and accessories. 

Per Hannah's guidelines, we were each tasked to pick ten 'pieces' each for our capsule libraries - and I'm sharing my picks today. The breakdown was basically as follows:
  • The Clothes: 5-7 authors (any/all of their books would be in your library)
  • The Accessories: 3-5 individual books (and no cheating with a series!)
I honestly thought I'd have a harder time narrowing down my choices, but that wasn't the case. I pretty much had my list formed from the time Hannah initially pitched the concept, and even though I had more than 10 at first, it wasn't difficult at all to narrow things down. Check out my capsule library below!

Perfectly worn in jeans | J.K. Rowling – There is nothing that screams comfort to me like finding and owning and constantly wearing a comfortable pair of jeans. Since jeans are a part of my daily uniform rotation, I knew without a doubt they would be my first pick for my capsule wardrobe! I paired it with Harry Potter for two simple reasons. First, J.K. Rowling, particularly the Harry Potter series, is a staple bookshelf item that I will always own no matter where in the world I happen to be. Second, I’ve reread the series enough time to find it a comfortable, easy fit that I thoroughly enjoy indulging in regularly.

Fandom tee shirt | Rick Riordan – I own a lot of fandom shirts for all the fandoms that I’m particularly passionate about (and don’t make me choose one because I’d likely refuse) (though, under duress, I’d probably say I was most attached to my James Bay shirt), and I adore them because it’s a fun way for me to express my love for them wardrobe-wise. They might not be subtle, but I’m okay with that because when I love something, I will always be happy to profess that love to the world. That, my friends, is how I feel about all of Rick Riordan’s novels (though I have a special place in my heart for The Heroes of Olympus series).

Little black dress | Tamora Pierce – I love wearing dresses, and own quite a few but I find that I’m always drawn to black dresses. A little black dress is considered a classic for a reason, and I love that they’re neutral, minimalist (for the most part) and easy to dress up or down to match the occasion. Tamora Pierce, ever since I first read her years ago, immediately became a foundational author in my library. She writes such classic fantasy stories and they are perfect for any fantasy reader’s library.

Cozy knit sweater | Jodi Meadows – I love my cozy sweaters, especially during cooler weather (or when I know I’m going to be stuck somewhere with intense air conditioning). I love feeling snug as a bug in a rug and I love that they are cute and functional at the same time. Jodi’s novels, which are all-time favorites for me (particularly her first book Incarnate), are definitely comfort reads that I go back to time and again. (And I also picked this clothing item out for her because Jodi knits the most amazing things, so it seemed fitting.)

Black skater skirt | Sarah J. Maas – When I’m not in jeans or a dress, you can usually find me in a skirt (and tights, if the weather calls for it). It’s definitely a wardrobe staple that I find really easy to mix and match with other separates, and I love that I always feel extra feminine (and a little like a princess) (or a schoolgirl) (it really depends on the day) when I’m wearing one. I chose to pair this one with Sarah J. Maas, whose books I absolutely adore. I can’t imagine not having her novels in my library or among my favorites, and I love that she deals with writing heroines that are feminine and fierce.

Black leather jacket | Leigh Bardugo – I love my black leather jacket. And by love, I mean you will constantly find it in rotation during the cooler months of the year, and by constant rotation, I pretty much mean that I wear it every single day. It keeps me warm, it looks good and I just feel like a badass whenever I’m wearing it. I just had to pair this with Leigh Bardugo, whose books are pretty damn awesome, and who just so happens to be a badass herself. (Plus, I was particularly thinking about Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom when I paired them together.)

Heirloom jewelry | A Little Princess – I grew up wanting to be best friends with Sara Crewe, and I still love A Little Princess so very much up until now. It’s a childhood read and a classic that I will always have among my books (and will be reading to my own children). I paired it with heirloom jewelry, as I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to inherit some beautiful pieces from the women in my family and I will definitely treasure those pieces forever.

Converse sneakers | Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm – My current pair of black Converse sneakers is one that I’ve owned for years (ever since I was in college), and they’ve been all over the world with me. They’re comfortable, their look matches my aesthetic and I just can’t imagine not owning a pair (in either black or white). They’re definitely a basic component of my wardrobe, just like Grimms Fairytales was a foundational collection of stories for my love of reading and my love of storytelling.

Black flats | Ransom – I wear my black flats all the time, up till the point where they are worn out (and Rachel can attest to this as she’s actually witnessed this). They just go with everything in my closet, and happen to be some of the most comfortable, well-worn shoes that I own (and instantly replace when they fall apart). I paired this with Ransom because this novel was foundational in my love for historical romance (and romance in general), and I consider this book a comfort read that I return to time and time again and refuse to ever let go of. Ever.

Statement bag | Blue-Eyed Devil – If you’ve been reading my blog for a few years, you’ll know how much I love Lisa Kleypas, particularly Blue-Eyed Devil. It’s one of the novels that I consider definitive in sealing my love for the romance genre, and it certainly made quite the impression upon my first read. (It really continues to do so every time I reread.) I love getting bright colored statement bags to just make my outfits pop, and I’m currently obsessed with my latest purchase (this red Coach bag that I love).

Which authors and books would you pick for your capsule library?
I'd love to see your picks, so please leave your links in the comments if you end up doing a post!
As for who I specifically want to tag - Kristin, DJ, Lauren, Cristina, Lindsay & Laura.


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