September 13, 2016

Alexa's Adventures #4

It's always fun to step back and take a moment to see what I've gotten up to in the weeks that have passed. It is a lovely reminder that, even though this year is seriously flying by, I've managed to squeeze in a ton of fun time with people I adore! Here's a couple of snaps that I felt like sharing with you, friends, so you have an idea of what's been going on with me recently. (And if you're interested, you can catch me updating everyone semi-regularly on Snapchat at @the-lexicon. I mostly talk about the books I'm reading, but I also talk about weather and try to snap whatever I'm up to when I remember to. I also share photos on Instagram at @alexalovesbooks, so you can see what's currently going on over there as well.)

 "The Bloodsworn" by Lindsey Look • "Peacock and Firebird" by Julie Bell • "Last Stand" by Julie Dillon

 Holey Cream • An American in Paris with Rachel • sunset in New Jersey

Hatchie is my favorite cat nephew • did a series binge of The Queen of Tearling • Vivi's bubble tea + cotton candy 

Waitress the Musical • Danica & I inside the theater • Something Rotten the Musical 

book stamp by Danica • Empire of Storms + Dough • celebrating our third wedding anniversary at The Bao

black + white at Town Hall • The Last Five Years benefit concert • Joshua Henry, Jason Robert Brown + Cynthia Erivo

Your turn - What's been going on in your life, bookish or otherwise?


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